"The logic of studying abroad" serial 2: the true intention of the British university rankings is here!

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British universities are very controversial and often misleading in practice. In order to provide a clearer choice of school grounds, this paper will interpret the advantages and disadvantages of business ranking, the trend of official ranking, the standards of British elite schools, the relationship between professional ranking and comprehensive rankings, and the logical contradiction of world ranking.

picture 1: the various rankings of foreign universities make students and parents lose their

, the ranking of British universities has been a hot topic in the international study field. To understand the mystery is not limited by ranking, so that we can rationally grasp the standard of school choice.

business ranking?

complex and complex market, there is a large number of information asymmetry, in school selection, there is always a benchmarking, ranking is good. This demand is not limited to China, even in relatively developed countries such as Singapore and Japan. Education, after all, as a special service industry, needs the support of word-of-mouth. So, where is the word of mouth? Ranking is of course the most direct and convenient measure.

(Times) to "the times", "the guardian" (Guardian) as the representative of the British commercial media, early to seize the public psychology, introduced every kind of ranking system, relying on the media unique communication ability, has a strong demonstration effect to the reader, almost became a British university ranking and ranking leader.

The difference between the two ranking systems of

is relatively large. Some schools have relatively low ranking in the times, but relatively high in the guardian.


times ranked more academically, and concluded from academic basis by comparing different parameters. The guardian preferred students' feelings more subjectively. As a representative of the British university, I am personally more inclined to refer to the times.

, on the one hand, the academic and scientific research level of the British university has been a very important assessment index in the industry. Comparing the British university rankings in 2017 and the official academic rankings of REF2014 in the British universities, the top 30 universities in the two list coincided very high. On the other hand, some of the parameters of the guardian have little reference value to Chinese students, such as value added score and career after 6 months.

student appreciation rate is a reference for teaching effectiveness. It is a ratio that will be compared between students' current performance and school record. Because the difference between Chinese and British school system is quite large, this data is not significant for Chinese students.

Refers to the graduates to find a job within 6 months of the employment rate of graduates of

ratio, or within 6 months of continuing education, the employment information from 99% according to British or European students, Chinese students after graduation most of home information collection is very difficult, so this is not a reference value.

picture 2: British media


generally believes that the top 30 ranking of the British universities in the times belongs to the category of "elite schools". Usually, the intermediaries and training institutions mentioned the concept of "the top 30" as the watershed between first-class universities and second-class universities.

At the same time,

needs to know about Russell Group, which is made up of 24 top research universities in the UK and some similar to the Ivy League in the United States. Russell, The 24 schools of Russell group (20 in England, 2 in Scotland, 1 in Scotland, 1 in Northern Ireland) are mostly in the top 30, which is equivalent to the 985 key universities in China. That is to say, the schools under the British Russell group are the key schools in the UK, and in Britain, the government will have more financial support for key institutions.

picture 3: one of the members of the Russell Group University -

of University of Oxford

professional ranking and the comprehensive ranking of schools?

In fact,

, the starting point of studying abroad is often professional, the better the professional, the greater the promotion of their own.

Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) did not choose Stanford University, but chose the Reed Institute (Reed College) with a distinctive art and design specialty. Reed college is not a high ranking university in the United States, but it enriches Jobs's innovative ideas.

also put Jobs's ideas into reality in the iPod, iPad, MacBook, iPhone, Apple of Watch (Jonathan Ive), designer Jonathan Avi did not go to school, but the choice of industrial design is very influential in the British Northumbria University (Northumbria University).

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