6 kinds of radish pickles, refreshing and good, eat just right in the winter

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radish is cheap and cheap, the water is big and the nutrition is full. It is a famous winter good vegetable. Recently on the end of dry climate, all busy, so here to recommend several convenient dishes simple radish, mix mix can serve as. Eat eat appetizing and tasty, love friends try ~

first: Lemon pickle

this lemon tastes crisp and refreshing hot and sour pickled cabbage, I also Cecil lemon fruit, is a small fresh pickled cabbage field. In addition, the practice is also simple, a few short steps, a few hours can be, very convenient.

concrete making method

first step: prepare food. 4 radish water, a few celery, a few red peppers, a small amount of garlic, 1 lemon. (you can also add some white radish, carrot, cucumber, cabbage and other vegetables relatively hard texture. The amount of red pepper is placed with its own taste.

second step: cut the slices of radish and celery, then put them into the oilless pot, sprinkle 2 tablespoons of salt and mix them for half an hour. After pickling, remove the excess water.

third step: half of the lemon, half out of the lemon juice into the basin, the other half into the pot into the basin. Cut the garlic slices and red chilli and put them together in the basin.

fourth step: put 2 spoons of sugar, 4 spoonful of white vinegar and a little cold and white water into the basin, stir well and pour into the fresh-keeping box. Then cover the lid and put it in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours. (the amount of water is not enough.)

fifth step: start ~

second: marinated radish skin

radish contains more vitamin C than normal fruit. But less heat, more cellulose, easy to produce a feeling of satiety after eating, can also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help to discharge the body waste. So it's a healthy weight loss vegetable.

The following

, is to introduce marinated radish skin, this is a very simple and easy to do 10 minutes fast small dish. The taste is sour and refreshing and extremely appetizing.

concrete making method

first step: prepare food. Radish 1, chili pepper, a few grains, some cooked white sesame.

second step: remove the skin from the outside of the radish, for example. (a thin layer is cut off.)

third step: cut the radish into a piece of skin, then put it in the basin, then put 1 spoonful of salt and mix well for a few minutes. After pickling, the excess water should be poured out.

fourth step: pour a little oil in the pot, heat the oil to dry pepper and pepper into the pot and stir fragrance. Then turn off the fire and pour the hot oil together with chili and pepper into the radish.

fifth step: put 2 spoonful of vinegar, a half spoon of chicken essence and a little white sesame into the radish, and then mix the dish.

says a few more

in the selection of radish, the best choice of the upper epidermis is light green, white below, transverse to radial purple. In addition, the equal size, the more heavy in the hand the better. The water is full and the taste is crisp.

third: sweet and sour radish

the fast pickled pickles that can be eaten in a few hours are smaller and more refreshing than the long pickled pickles. It is easy to make, no land, no salt, fresh taste, fresh stomach, and good preservation of the nutrition of the food. Usually, either in the morning or in the stomach before the meal, this small pickle is a very good choice.

white radish is cheap and cheap, and it's two or three dollars to buy a big one. Winter can eat some cool and promote digestion, accelerate gastrointestinal motility, increase appetite, also can make the skin more moist and dry. As the old saying goes, "eat turnips in winter and eat ginger in the winter, and don't prescribe medicine without a doctor."

below, to introduce the practice of sugar and vinegar white radish. A very refreshing kimchi, you can do it in a few hours. You must try the ~


concrete making method

first step: 1 white radish, a little red pepper. (can't eat hot friends, you can not put chili.)

second step: remove the white radish from the skin and clean it, and cut it into thin slices.

third step: put 1 tablespoons of salt in the white radish, and mix it for 30 minutes.

fourth step: take one

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