"Magic lady" adult action film outflow? The self timer is so careful that she is being transformed!

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original title: "magic lady" adult action film outflow? The self timer is so careful that she is being transformed!

recently, the outflow of a "magic lady" Gail Gadot's pornographic movie! In the film, we can see that sister duo, who received the gift, was very happy and happy to promise a man to have a free "interaction". But later, some netizens pointed out that women in the film is not Gail Gadot himself, but her face was "deceitful" to the actress face, and a sister did not like big chest!


video was originally released by a friend named "deepfakes" on the Reddit forum. He collected pictures of stars at different angles through Google, tub and tubing, and built a AI system through machine learning algorithms. He will all of the material are put into the system to classify and organize, make the system of "learning" the star of the facial features, each frame finally allow the system to modify the film, to achieve such effect. From the point of view, the woman's facial expression has been done very naturally, but the careful observation in the film can see a lot of flaws.

now, in addition to Gail Gadot, deepfakes also uploaded "little sister" Scarlett Johansson, "Maisie Williams II", "Taylor" Taylor Swif, actress fake pornographic films, some enthusiastic media have also notified the star company, but there is no response. Experts point out that all of these tools can be downloaded directly on the Internet or purchased part of the software, not a difficult technology. Though the progress of science and technology is joyful, we can make a fake porridge through simple technology, which is not only worrying but also worth considering.

The threshold of

making fake films is so low that it is quite dangerous for those friends to upload eight hundred multi angle self portraits one day.

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From: “神奇女侠”成人动作片流出?自拍发得多小心被变女优!
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