RNG before the coach's birthday, the small tiger group in the whole family sunshine: one can not be less!

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from the all star back, RNG's former coach with the wind brother also together back to the base, and just today is his birthday, so the team in the base as he held a small birthday party, also engage in a lot of things, such as Xiao Ming locked throat apology, a variety of Yihan and wind brother lens before each other up, tiger rides in the Yihan body crazy output and so on, the picture is really beautiful look!

and have a good meal for dinner!

so the small tiger in his fan group has been exposed to the whole family picture of the family, which should be the bottom of the sea, and the whole family is still very good.

from the left hand left, respectively; Ming, Yihan, letme, Xiaohu, Le Yi, koro1, Uzi, mlxg, Y4!

netizen comment:

recently has a number of transfer rumors, of which there is also about the RNG, but people are still the main official. return to the Sohu, see more


From: RNG前教练风哥生日,小虎群内晒出全家福照:一个都不能少!
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