Fried eggplant playing a little smarter, not at the cost of oil, soft and tasty delicious!

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original title: fried eggplant playing a little smarter, not at the cost of oil, soft and tasty delicious!

eggplant is fried in special oil

is also easy to get greasy and no appetite

actually just plays a smart

before it's fired

fry eggplant no oil, no salt

foam tasty also super delicious!

method 1: microwave oven

Before the

is made of eggplant, only the eggplant, which is washed and cut, is heated in a microwave oven for one minute. So after processing, and then wok fried eggplant. It is not only easier to cook, but also to reduce the time of cooking, but also to reduce the intake of salt oil, ~

method two: put the steamer

if there is no microwave oven in the home, the steamer can also, just wash the diced eggplant into the steamer steamed for 10 minutes. At this time, then fold the eggplant into the pan fried or fried. Eggplant are not very greasy, tasty and healthy meal is ~

cold mixed eggplant


, 10g, 300g long eggplant garlic oil 1, green pepper 30g, ginger 1 pieces, soy sauce 3 tsp


1, after two long tender wash eggplant cut into thick strips, the eggplant steamed in the steaming tray on the pot, steam to use chopsticks can easily penetrate the back aside. Eggplant is not easy to steamed long, too soft and bad taste.

2, green peppers washed chopped into pieces.

3, chop garlic and ginger into fine grain.

4, stir fry oil in the pan, put green pepper, ginger, garlic fire to stir fry the spicy flavor.

5, put soy sauce, stir - fried sauce.

6, pour the sauces on the steamed eggplant.

fermented eggplant

ingredients: eggplant, fish, onion, salt, sugar, oil, garlic, oyster sauce,


1, fish mince, onion, mince garlic, salt and sugar, stir well.

2, eggplant cut into pieces, with two pieces of eggplant with a layer of meat.

3, hot pot into the oil, put into the brewed eggplant, cooked in medium heat.

4 and eggplant after the pot, put into the garlic, then add a proper amount of oyster sauce and water, boil for 3-4 minutes.

5 and finally pour the sauce on the eggplant.

garlic scent tore eggplant


2, long eggplant garlic 1, red pepper amount, green peppers, scallions moderate amount of


1, clean the eggplant, and cut it into two petals. Into the steamer, steam for 12 minutes, after steaming, cool standby. (the length of the steaming mainly depends on the size of eggplant)

2, when steamed eggplant, green pepper, the diced onion chopped standby.

3, the garlic mashed garlic pestle into standby.

4, mashed garlic into the bowl, then add half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of chicken, 1 spoonfuls of sugar, 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 3 tablespoons soy sauce, sesame oil a few drops of water bowl sauce.

5, tore the cool eggplant into a bar and put it in a bowl.

6, the red and green pepper, chives sprinkled on eggplant, and then pour the sauce on the bowl.

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