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original title: Vietnam tiger note: corrupt officials face the death penalty or imprisonment for 20 years behind

Zheng Chuncheng (data map)

China daily in December 27, according to "Vietnam News Daily" website reported on December 26th, the Vietnamese police, Vietnam's largest state-owned enterprises - the national oil and gas group, the former party secretary Ding Luosheng or mismanagement was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and his hand picked subordinates, responsible for the national oil and gas group, a subsidiary of Zheng Chuncheng led state the assets have suffered huge losses, will face the death penalty.

local time 26 days, Vietnam Supreme People's Procuratorate verified 22 suspects facing charges, including most of the suspects are national oil and gas group's former executives, they were associated with the national oil and gas group construction Limited by Share Ltd lost billions of assets case.

at the age of 51, Zheng Chuncheng served as the national oil and gas group construction Limited by Share Ltd party secretary and chairman of the board, as the management of the company in Zheng Chuncheng et al., the company from a successful profit enterprises quickly become serious losses, in 2007 to 2013 the loss is as high as 3 trillion and 200 billion vnd (about 924 million yuan). However, the losses were concealed by the management.


2013, Zheng Chuncheng left the board of the construction company to be the vice chairman of the people's Committee of the post river province. In June 2016, Zheng Chuncheng became a target for all the luxury car ride, the public and the media have been reprimanded, provincial officials take value 5 billion 230 million vnd (about 1 million 510 thousand yuan) of the car, it is a waste of public funds. After the incident, the Vietnamese senior began to investigate his "path of promotion".

but when the investigation started, Zheng Chuncheng had fled to Europe. In September of the same year, the Vietnamese police issued an international arrest warrant for Zheng Chuncheng. In early August of this year, Vietnam national television clips, Zheng Chuncheng said he had surrendered, but the police did not disclose the mechanism by which Zheng Chuncheng is home.

Vietnam "express" pointed out that Zheng Chuncheng's arrest has led to a number of carrying in the career of his officials sacked, the largest tiger is Luosheng ding.

according to the prosecution investigation, from 2006 to 2011, Ding Luosheng served as the national oil and gas group, the former party secretary during the first direct appointment of Zheng Chun became chairman of the national oil and gas group construction of Limited by Share Ltd, and then through the decision-making process of multi-party participation in the company's operation. Ding Luosheng was accused of "intentional violation of national economic regulations, leading to serious consequences," the highest or 20 years of imprisonment. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 越南打虎记:外逃贪官面临死刑 幕后人物或入狱20年
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