How does the governance plan be implemented? Listen to what these departments say

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original title: how does the governance plan be implemented? Listen to how these departments say

On the morning of 27

12, the Ministry of Education held a press conference to introduce the "comprehensive treatment plan for bullying of primary and middle school students". The governance programme is jointly issued by the eleven departments, such as the Ministry of education. The seven leaders of the Supreme People's court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of justice, the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the all China Women's Federation and China Disabled Persons' Federation issued the signature article, and introduced the specific measures for implementing the governance plan by all departments, and read together.

give full play to the role of the trial function

to protect the personal safety of primary and middle school students to the maximum of

, director of the Research Office of the Supreme People's court

Yan Maokun

released the day before the "plan" to strengthen the comprehensive management of bullying in schools, is another important step in various departments to further implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council's requirements. The Supreme People's court, as one of the signing units, will continue to do well in guiding and guiding cases related to campus violence. It will vigorously cooperate with relevant departments, actively carry out early warning and tracing of minors' protection of public opinion, and accurately grasp social and public opinion.

to the people to reflect the strong, the highest voice of the most prominent problems, timely analysis of the study and take judicial measures. The judicial appeals for the legitimate and legitimate people of the people are settled as soon as possible.

will also be patient to explain the judicial appeals that are not in accordance with the law and the relevant regulations. Further judicial assistance to life is difficult.

of the emotions and thoughts, will pay attention to education and persuasion, to avoid inappropriate methods of work and lead to social hot conflicts or extreme events; continue to send law into the villages, schools, communities and other activities, listen to opinions and suggestions, the people's Court of all aspects of the work and constantly improve the security system benefit by mutual discussion, the mechanism of judicial democracy; actively cooperate with relevant departments to strengthen the research and practice of prevention of bullying and violence theory, judicial interpretation and business guidance to study and formulate timely issues related to prevention of bullying, ensure campus bullying prevention work are effectively implemented.

performs the procuratorial function

according to law

actively participates in the prevention and treatment of bullying of primary and middle school students

Supreme People's Procuratorate



minors' Procuratorial Work Office

Zheng Xinjian

procuratorial organs of juvenile procuratorial work departments should implement the nineteen spirit from the height, in accordance with the "strengthening students comprehensive management of bullying program" requirements, adhere to perform prosecutorial functions according to law, strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments, and actively participate in the comprehensive management of primary and middle school students bullying. We should do a good job in the following aspects:

one is to deal with the cases of bullying of primary and middle school students in accordance with the law.

two is to crack down on adult organization, coercion, inducement and participation in the crime of campus bullying according to law.

three is to strengthen the protection and relief work for the injured students.

four is a critical mechanism to explore the establishment of a serious bad behavior for minors.

five is the establishment of calibration, inspection media cooperation mechanism of legal education, deepen the crime prevention work, cultivating students' awareness of the rule of law, rule consciousness, improve their law-abiding consciousness and self defense ability.

six is to actively participate in the prevention and control of primary and secondary school bullying comprehensive governance system.

based on education to prevent and improve the long effect mechanism

to strengthen the comprehensive treatment of bullying and bullying of primary and middle school students

public security administration,

, Department of public security

the Ministry of public security will conscientiously implement the requirements of the program, strengthen the sense of responsibility, take the initiative and take the initiative to do a good job with the relevant departments.

one is to supervise and supervise the strict safety management of the school. To guide the implementation of the campus safety management system, a comprehensive investigation and remediation of campus security risks, to prevent the students from carrying knives and other dangerous items and irrelevant personnel into the campus; guiding the school master timely investigation of disputes and signs of problems among students, early intervention treatment.

two is to strengthen the campus bullying clues, information and disposal. In the work, pay attention to the collection and mastery of the campus bullying clues, timely notification of educational departments and schools. We should strengthen the prevention and control of campus patrol and public security check, and stop and notify schools and parents in time to prevent the problem of campus bullying.

three is an educational discipline for the classification of campus bullying. According to the school's invitation, the implementation of admonition to the relatively poor students plot violence, to assist in the warning education; for alleged crimes of students bullying, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations shall be disposed of leniency to violence against students' education and correction work; take abetting, coercion, deception and bullying implementation of the use of school students crime of school personnel, severely punished according to law.

four is to strengthen the legal security and ideological and moral education for students. Give full play to the role of the public security police as a school legal counselor and actively cooperate with the school to carry out the publicity of the legal system

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