To wear a fairy to play the crystal ball light show, this Christmas is enough! Dream! Magic!

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family live? Go to a friend's party? Date your close lover to a fancy restaurant? Or walk around the corner to enjoy the Christmas breath? We

in a word, of course, there will be a meaningful Christmas night! But what do my little people want to wear to meet the romantic Christmas? We

although it is now Christmas, but it is not too late for this promotion. After all, the 10 o'clock night's life just started ~

this year may be red with green christmas dress, the theme of this year's F you suggest that you can go "dream" route. After all of this year's major beauty out of the big Christmas are also in the wind to dream on you ~

^ Dior / M.A.C Christmas Christmas limited set

the Christmas this year how to wear to "dream"? If you don't know, you get follow and F look ~

lovely & dreamy pink element

if in many colors selected with the word with the color of the dream that Mr. F will choose pink ~ cute and adorable soft pink is always fantastic color print exclusive

as for how to wear really don't need to spend too much time, with a sense of fantasy pink even casually take a pair of jeans are super sweet Christmas atmosphere amounting to

cool girl can also find their own handsome Christmas pink dress, pink fluffy jackets like this must be your food you

beautiful Christmas dream makeup fix, dreamy pink Look body, congratulations to you, this Christmas Wynn circle of friends, you will be one step! Start -

go to the magic trendy landmark card!

a dream Christmas party!

this year's Christmas card, F Jun strongly promote

fun & dreamy crystal ball light show

there are 20000 Mochi ball!

is it not fantastic to move the scenes in the fairy tale to reality? In the south of Xintiandi, there is such a super dreamy, giant Christmas crystal ball! It's as high as 5 stories! you

the crystal ball, not only has 360 degrees without dead angle of the glass dome, but also with the touch of a touch can illuminate the huge Christmas tree. We

when night falls

From: 穿成仙女玩转水晶球灯光秀,这个圣诞要的就是够!梦!幻!
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