Examination payment can only be paid by the Beijing Beijing development and Reform Commission: abuse of administrative power

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original title: examination payment can only be paid by the Jingdong Beijing development and Reform Commission: abuse of administrative power

in the new longitude client on 28 December, before the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission website informed the abuse of administrative power to eliminate or restrict competition in the Securities Industry Association Chinese checked.

has checked that China Securities Association (hereinafter referred to as "association") designated the Jingdong payment platform operated by online banking online (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. as its sole fee collection platform. The examinee must pay the examination fee through the platform. And through this platform payment, we must first register, fill in personal information and bind the bank card, and become the user of the payment platform.

Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission said, "the association provides the Jingdong to pay the registration fee only payment tool only for the candidates, candidates must make as consumers form fund payment and settlement services and the" Jingdong "payment, do not choose to register as a Jingdong to pay" users, undermines fair competition between operators to provide cash payment and settlement services, to the detriment of the interests of consumers and other operators. The act of violating the provisions of the "anti-monopoly law" article thirty-second: the authorized administrative organs and laws and regulations to manage public affairs functions of the organization shall not abuse their administrative powers to restrict or restrict in a disguised form, business units or individuals to purchase and use their designated operators to provide goods.

announced that during the investigation process, the association had fully recognized its above mentioned practices in the securities industry qualification examination and ruled out the issue of restricting competition. In December 12, 2017, it initiatively made the following rectification commitment:

1. uses the third party payment platform services, including Alipay, WeChat, integrated platform UnionPay and other payment channels, for candidates to choose.

2. in the conditions of the area to increase the way to sign up for the candidates on the spot, pay. The completion time of the above work is before March 31, 2018. (in the new APP return to the Sohu, see more


From: 有考试缴费仅能用京东支付 北京发改委:滥用行政权力
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