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original title: behind the listing of a mental hospital: there are 1 mental illness patients per 8 people in China


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recently, a mental hospital in Wenzhou, Wenzhou, hit IPO. The prospectus showed that the gross profit rate of the hospital in the past 3 years was 38%, and the occupancy rate reached 96% in the year. Are there so many mentally ill patients in China? The answer is more than you think.

1. There are 1 patients with mental illness in 7 per 8 patients who have not treated

In a report of the

reference news network, has a mental illness in almost every 8 people in China.

public awareness of mental illness is low, recognition rate is low, many people defined mental illness only severe "schizophrenia", popularly known as "crazy." In fact, there are a variety of psychosis, and the general characteristics include abnormal thinking, views, emotions, behavior, and the relationship with others. According to the "diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders" fourth edition, American Psychiatric Association to classify the existing mental illness, including four hundred kinds of diseases, the global number of patients have more depression, bipolar disorder, dementia, retardation, schizophrenia:

The total number of mental illnesses recorded by

WHO is also close to 400. It is divided into 72 categories: 10 cases, insomnia, anorexia, alcohol dependence, insomnia, autism and so on. In May 17, 1990 before the "gay" spirit of the World Health Organization's disease list.

global investment in the field of mental health is seriously inadequate, and there is a huge gap between the supply and demand of treatment. In the world health report, low - and middle - income countries have not been treated for psychotic patients from 76% to 85% (China is in the list).

the psychiatric patients who have been treated for the treatment have not been treated, in addition to lack of knowledge and insufficient resources.

The poverty rate of 2 beds in

two and 1 patients was beyond 50%

is relative to the huge number of patients. The medical resources in the field of psychiatry in China are in short supply and uneven distribution. The community rehabilitation system for mental disorders has not yet been established.

according to the people's daily and other media citing the data of the Planning Commission:

In the Planning Commission of the

, the conditions for the treatment of mental illness in China will be significantly improved. By 2020, the current 20 thousand specialist doctors are expected to be upgraded to 40 thousand.

The poverty rate of patients with

family burden is over 50%

from the data, patients with severe mental disorders are often socially disadvantaged.

Corelle Wenzhou mental hospital in the prospectus, the vast majority of patients in the treatment of less than 100 thousand, but there is no lack of treatment costs 3389 patients.

according to the survey of the Ministry of health, mental illness ranks first in the ranking of the total burden of disease in China, which has exceeded the diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory and malignant tumors. All kinds of mental problems account for 1/5 of the total burden of disease (disability and labor loss caused by all diseases and injuries). It is estimated that this ratio will rise to 1/4 by 2020.

many of the patients' families are unwilling to bear high cost of diagnosis and treatment, refusing to take the patients who have been basically recovered from the hospital, and have patients hospitalized for even more than 30 years.

compared to the treatment of the treatment is not treated, there is another part of the people who may take up medical resources for the transition treatment.

three, identification of standard low Guardian rights , you may be "mentally ill"

who has a sick and ill patient and a guardian?

As a special disease,

has no precise instrument to diagnose mental disorders. It can only be diagnosed by history and clinical manifestations. There is no clear boundary between "patients" and "normal people".

is from the "Nanfang Daily" news: 2005 Guangzhou a couple quarrel, strike violently. Then his wife calls to Guangzhou Brain Hospital, claiming that her husband has gone mad, ask for help. Brain hospital immediately sent a car to sign the authorization to the guardian and his wife. That night, the husband in the home is two workers rushed in with his hand stuck in the neck, tied to the hospital.

The absurd case of

is "legal". According to the provisions of the twenty-eighth and thirty, thirty-one and thirty-six of the mental health act, the wife has the right to apply for the mental disorder diagnosis of her husband to the relevant medical institutions.

twenty-eighth rules:

"in addition to personal mental diagnosis of medical institutions, suspected mental disorder patients can be sent to a medical institution for mental disorders diagnosis . To search for the vagabond and Beggars of no close relatives

From: 精神病院上市背后:中国每8人就有1个精神疾病患者
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