Hongkong has sold nearly 130 billion Hong Kong dollars in land sales this year to a new high

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original title: Hongkong's land revenue this year is nearly 130 billion Hong Kong Hong Kong dollars to a new high of

in new network on 26 December, according to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" reported that the Hongkong property market this year to sell nearly 130 billion thriving, income (HK $, the same below) high, four billions of years the most expensive land.


data map: much less people and dense buildings, forming a unique architectural landscape in Hongkong. Xie Guanglei, a journalist from China China News Agency,

, though the number of land sold by the Hongkong SAR government is not large this year, it has only sold 16 plots (up to 22 February), which has been the lowest in seven years. However, the land sales income has been refreshed by 84 billion yuan last year, which has been over 127 billion yuan a year, and it has increased by over 50% annually.

analysis points out that this is mainly due to the fierce competition of developers, and the Hongkong SAR government has launched multiple urban valuable land. It has generated four billion kings in the past year, and two businesses and houses have contributed more than 82 billion.

Two residential

respectively at the beginning of this year, the most expensive land and by the end of February the birth of the tender to compete in the Ap Lei Chau waterfront mansion, 14 consortium, dragon light estate and KWG nearly 16 billion 900 million yuan prize.

The end of the

letter to regain the king status, Shimao real estate group a total of five developers jointly, nearly 17 billion 300 million yuan investment Changsha Bay near Haiti, a new record of Hongkong residential land price.

, as for the two commercial kings of this year's "crossing the world", has a more striking price. In more than 20 years no new supply of commercial core business areas, the SAR Government in May before closing the Murray road parking lot of commercial land, by the constant to win the potential, with nearly 23 billion 300 million Yuan Hao abstract.

however, after half a month, the price for the king's throne will hand over to the vote by the Nan Fung Development Eic business, the transaction price of more than 24 billion 600 million yuan.

The income of the four kings of the above four lands is more than 82 billion yuan, accounting for 64% of the total income, which is almost equal to the income of the land sold for the whole year. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 香港今年卖地收入近1300亿港元 创下新高
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