5 years ago, the young people in this group and after the entrance examination were not much better than you.

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original title: 5 years ago, the young people in this group and after the entrance examination you do not have too much

PubMed, you may worry that they missed the "test", and "fear of missing out, there is no school recruit" attended the final exam, "" you have enemies in front and rear to breath some anxiety.

5, the young people in this group also had little difference from those after the entrance exams for postgraduate schools. But now, look at them again, maybe you will have some inspiration for them.


2013, 26 year old graduate student Xiao Chen in the dorm rest, he just reviewed the day's "national exam" points. His hometown was in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, and this year went to a position in the Shanxi Seismological Bureau. He said, the civil service examination is a hand, if admitted, he would give up, because he does not love Shanxi, will eventually return home. Zhao Di, a reporter of our newspaper,

"who do you say little Zou? It looks like a fire. "

over the past week, many people are talking about a young man named Xiao Zou. No one had ever seen him, but asked the young man in the office more than one of his deja vu.

Xiao Zou is 27 years old this year, and has been working in the agency for more than 4 years. The envy of others he can eat for a lifetime "grain", he did not want to quit tedious work.

in reality there is no Zou in the reality. He is actually a fictitious character in this year's examination of the national civil service examination. However, in reality, there are Xiao Zhang, Xiao Wang and Xiao Li... These young people, who are used to be known as "little X" in the organization, have a lot of experience with little Zou.

do you want to give up the "permanent Security" within the system to look for "possible development opportunities" in a wider world? This is the annoyance of little Zou. For young people outside the examination paper, they are anxious about how to get into the system.


" to tell the truth, I did not expect to finish this section of the material, incredibly still moved, finish the problem is also to look again. One candidate said.

another examinee because of "a lot of emotion", the material is too long, the final question has not been answered.

now, the "national examination" has been over a week, and there are still people on the Internet to inquire: who is Xiao Zou in the end?

a girl who took the exam this year said, "little Zou is my goal." The netizen in the forum said that Xiao Zou was the "leading role of the national examination" this year. A young man who had been working in the civil service for several years had not heard his story, and he interrupted, "I'm the one."

"I really want to tell you, don't do it. You want to know what it looks like 4 years later, look at me, "

in the examination paper to the office, Xiao Zou's story is worth 20 points. The young people in the examination room should design a questionnaire to understand the work situation and psychological and mental state of Xiao Zou.

according to the material on the examination paper, 5 years ago, young Zou Yeceng, a graduating graduate, was sitting in the examination room. As the global financial crisis broke out, the number of national civil service examinations for the first time exceeded millions. These young people, on the examination paper, analyzed "the main problems to be solved in our country's current economic development" and pointed out the "countermeasures to solve the problem of grain".

Xiao Zou became a civil servant in the courtyard of a city in the north. This is enough for the young people outside the office to envy, but in the description of the propositional man, his life is not good enough: idle work and lack of passion to advance the life of the 50 year old man in advance. Now, the mortgage money, the future marriage for money, raising children for money, can work 4 years of his salary of only 2800 yuan.

"I think some people 'questions, hope that through small Zou subtly malicious" material, told us that these people want to enter the system inside the wall, but also for the day." After reading the examination questions, some people think so.


From: 5年前,这群机关里的年轻人和考研之后的你差不太多
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