China's most beautiful high - speed rail line runs across three provinces in the northwest and opened in 2020

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in 2020

this life does not go to Qinghai, do not know what is called heaven.


by: insect net Moma

this life does not go to Gannan, do not know what is the belief.

by: Yang Kaiqi ANDY

of the net

will not go to Sichuan, do not know what is right.

by: Tetu net breeze Xu faye

green Gan Chuan contains 95% of China's beauty

and in the future there will be a "China's most beautiful and high - Speed Rail"

starts in Xining, stops in Chengdu, and is connected to the three provinces of Qinghai, Gansu and Sichuan Province,

Once the

is built, it will become the world's most beautiful high line

paradise is far away, green Gan Chuan is very close to

a beautiful scene! One step and one seduction!

first station: Qinghai Xining

to Kumbum Monastery

look at

, the birthplace of master Caba of the world's second major BuddhasSuyouhua

true to life

's colorful murals,

The colors of the




by: network worm


to Sun Moon Mountain

for the story of Turpan

married Princess Wencheng

Tang Taizong to accompany


arrived at the mountain, the Princess Wencheng Hokyo throwing out

side reflects the sunset

is in the light of the rising moon

by: mafengwo fat child with

second station: Longhua, Longhua County, Qinghai

to summer Joan temple

look at the ancient architecture group

with the combination of Han and Tibetan artistic styles

, of great momentum majestic solemn generous.

's misty clouds are covered with the world of faith,

by: the net walks

to Dan Dou temple

goes over the cliff

deep in the mountains

for a world was not to disturb the fine.

third station: Jianzha, Jianzha County, Qinghai

to Kanbula national Forest Park

feels typical Danxia geomorphology when the leaves are golden every fall,

landscape leaves the most beautiful

by: figure worm net MAX0706

to Southern channel

on both sides of Danxia Qifeng Lin, dense forest

suddenly picks up, view the myriads of changes

is in it, as if in outer space

by: Qinghai travel guide

mafengwo what

fourth station: Qinghai Tongren County

to the monastery

here is known as the first temple in Huangnan area


when the monks chanting incomparable sense of shock


by: insect net Beijing kaiyeah car service

by: tert

of the net


Regong Academy

enjoy the most exquisite Regong Tangkar

or learning the production of

in Thangka

go to Tongren County, do not miss the


by: says

mafengwo Lao Zhuang

fifth station: Gansu, Gannan Xiahe County

to La pulleng temple

is not so much as a temple

is better than a

the small town,

, isolated from the outside world, which belongs to the Tibetan people

dropped snow in the llaboo temple

is as pure as the good soul,

, who had been crawling.

by: picture bug network photography Xiao Gu

by: figure worm net BobbyLau

to the mulberry steppe

in the possession of the bag to eat yogurt, mutton, barley

takes part in a bonfire party and a horse riding

everything on the prairie will make you forget the numerous and noisy


sixth station: Gansu, Gannan Luqu County

to Lang Mu temple

The meeting of

red and white is a divine arrangement for

makes the mysterious display of the Lang Mu Temple incisively and vividly

listen to a fine, to a life of

by: figure worm

From: 中国最美的高铁线路,横亘西北三个省,2020年通车
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