Good parents, few words

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original title: good parents, not much

text / insight into Fern

reprinted from the WeChat public, "insight" (ID: has heard the story of Mark Twin, a famous American writer.

" one day, Mark Twain listened to the priest's speech in the church. At first, he thought the priest said something special and moved, he pulled out the money to make donations.

was 10 minutes after the clergyman had not finished, and Mark Twain was a bit impatient and decided to donate only a little change.

was 10 minutes later, and the clergyman was still saying that Mark Twin decided not to give a penny.


" and other clergymen ended, when asked for donations, angry Mark Twin did not donate money, but secretly took 2 yuan from the plate.

psychological explanation, this phenomenon is called " overrun effect ", which means that the more we say, the more convincing it will be.

's education for children, parents' nagging of their children is a typical "overrun effect".

", "why do you make mistakes again? How many times have I been talking about it? How can you not remember?" many times, parents think that too many children can remember.

does not know, nagging is the reason for the child's disobedience. Good parents, not many words.


less, listen to


saw a small Thailand short film: