A state of high debt or loss in most of the 56 billion asset sales in November.

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original title: most of the 56 billion assets sold in November are high debt or loss state

only one month in November, the overseas Chinese city of the central enterprise sold three real estate projects in Shenzhen, Chongqing and Beijing, and the price was nearly 8 billion yuan. And this is not a case. According to incomplete statistics, in November, 11 housing companies, including merchants, Shekou, China Railway, China Railway and so on, were selling assets, 9 of which were central enterprises or state-owned enterprises. The total amount of the target sold was 56 billion yuan. In the view of the analysts, the end of the year housing enterprises frequently sell real estate assets, on the one hand, is under the pressure of real estate regulation, decompression and reduction, return to the cage funds. On the other hand, it is to optimize the structure of assets and the layout of investment by stripping off the bad assets.

Statistics from the

Real Estate Research Center show that in November, 11 housing companies involved in the sale of assets, the sale of a total of 15 projects, the total assets amounted to 56 billion yuan. Among them, there are 7 central enterprises, 2 state-owned enterprises, 1 private enterprises and 1 Hong Kong and capital enterprises. From the amount of view, the only long estate sale centre Hongkong 75% equity amount of HK $40 billion 200 million (about 33 billion 686 million yuan), accounting for up to 60%.

from a single company, the central enterprises overseas Chinese town to sell assets moves the most intensive, three assets listed on the transfer of 504 million yuan of whole sale include: Shenzhen Nanshan 11 villas, 1 billion 395 million yuan listed on the transfer of 51% stake in Chongqing company, the transfer of 5 billion 680 million yuan in Beijing Fengtai the most expensive land 51% stake in the project, the Chongqing overseas Chinese town landmark projects including two plots. China Aviation Industry Group's two listed companies, Sino air real estate and China Aviation International Holdings, all had their selling actions in November. Among them, CIC sold 1 billion 64 million yuan to sell 100% stake in AVIC (Shanghai), and China Aviation International Holdings sold 60% stake in China Aviation Vanke limited. In addition, China Jinmao to 5 billion 998 million yuan listed on the transfer of Shanghai Xingang International Center complex and a 50% stake in Lijiang Bauhinia Tourism Development Co., Ltd. 100% stake; China Merchants Shekou listed on the transfer of Zhenjiang Nanshan Creative Industry Park Development Co., Ltd. 60% equity and 136 million yuan debt, listing price of 160 million yuan; China Railway Real estate price of 1 billion 373 million yuan listed on the transfer of 30% equity interest in Suzhou home and 1 billion 367 million yuan debt; in the real estate transfer of Beijing Shun long century Real Estate Company 100% equity and debt.

this year, housing prices in equity transfer are frequent, involved in the project are mostly at a loss or high debt. According to reporters, 10 of the 15 real estate projects sold in November were in a state of high debt or loss. The transfer of Fengtai overseas Chinese town as the most expensive land projects, as of the end of 10, total assets of item company 9 billion 556 million yuan, liabilities amounted to 9 billion 832 million yuan; the first home buyers to sell 100% stake in Sichuan's first big company in 2017 before the three quarter net loss of 65 million 600 thousand yuan, as of September 30, 2017 the total assets of 577 million yuan, total liabilities 579 million yuan.

, a real estate research center analyst, said that with the continuous deepening of macro-control in the real estate sector, the market transaction continued to cool down, and the difficulty of repayment of Housing enterprises increased. In addition, the financing policy has been tight, making the housing enterprises' capital sources affected, the housing enterprises' burden reduction demand is increasing. Most of the mainstream real estate enterprises have begun to reduce the debt rate voluntarily, and the demand for equity financing has increased significantly. The results of the sprint at the end of the year are also an important reason. In addition, from the perspective of corporate strategy, housing enterprises can sell some assets which are not in line with the strategic development of enterprises or are not covered by the strategic city, so that they can achieve the purpose of adjusting business structure and layout.

(reporter Zhu Nan)

Author: Zhu Nan

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