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original title: F1 four crown prince Hamilton was forced to apologize for "sex shame" speech

Hamilton released a small video of his nephew to wear a princess skirt and was dissatisfied with

days ago, Mercedes driver Hamilton was discontented with his nephew dressed in social media. In Hamilton's video, his nephew wears a pink and purple skirt during Christmas.

Hamilton's nephew loves his Christmas gift - princess skirt

"I'm very sad now,"

Hamilton said in the video. He said, "Why are you wearing a princess skirt?" Is this your Christmas present? Why do you want a skirt at Christmas? Boys don't wear Princess skirts! "

The comments of

"four crown prince" were therefore angry and dissatisfied with a large number of fans. Later, Hamilton deleted the video and apologized to the fan and admitted that his remarks were "unconsidered".

Social media Slide Show


"I was playing with my nephew yesterday," he wrote on social media. "I was playing with my nephew yesterday."

said to him on social media. Now I am aware of my inappropriate remarks and delete it. I don't want to offend and hurt anyone. My nephew is free to show his own personal preferences, which I agree with because everyone should. "

"I always support anyone who lives in the way I like it. I hope that everyone can forgive me for this unconsidered act. "

is dissatisfied with Hamilton's behavior.


" Kaiden (Lewis's nephew) does not need an idea of a person who does not have a dress style. "

Another fan of

said: "boys can be dressed freely and girls can dress freely." Boys can also be princesses, and they don't feel ashamed of their skirts. "

has also pointed out that Hamilton's nephew looks very happy.

"that child looks very happy. You should let him enjoy it, not criticize him. " return to the Sohu, see more


From: F1四冠王汉密尔顿被迫因“性别羞愧”言论道歉
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