Travel into the shop | is this smell! Tan Yutou hot pot, really feel! It's really cool! (there is a surprise at the end of the text)

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original title: travel into the shop | is this smell! Tan Yutou hot pot, really feel! It's really cool! (surprise at the end of the text)

love is in Dianping


a person, a way, people on the way, the heart with the king, from the starting point to the end, perhaps happy, or sometimes lonely, if the heart in the distance, only need to bravely, dreams will lead the way, how far away. How far is the scenery and delicacy, as the lifeline of footprint.


# travel into the shop # | Vol.27


such as

soya bean milk and dash

barbecue and beer

tomato and egg


> in addition to these

also has a kind of

spicy and fresh and tender together in

makes people unable to hide greeds

that is


fish head & chafing pot

fish head has high nutrition and good taste, but also contains essential unsaturated fatty acids of human body. It can improve brain function and make people smarter. ~


that is this store

Tan fish head hot pot restaurant

the delicious chafing dish that can eat so delicious fish head recently in my big Changchun,

let this winter warm your stomach


this season

what else is more perfect than eating a fish head hot pot?

the cold winter, eat this fragrant, steaming hot Tan fish head hot pot


in winter

"to go up Hot pot! "

Tan fish head hot pot decoration has the flavor of Sichuan and Chongqing

can see a lot of Facebook decorations and

in the restaurant.

has a taste of Chinese wind,

antique restaurant environment

seems to be in

in Sichuan and Chongqing

is really comfortable, ha ha ~ ~ ~

unique secret recipe, extremely delicious, and healthy and nutritious

running this novelty,

mouth water is going to flow down.