Steam Christmas Specials one week sales ranked fifth in the list of CS:GO

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original title: Steam Christmas special week sales ranking CS:GO ranked number 5

has come to the season of chopping hands every year, with a favorite game, a daily discount platform, and two happy things reclosing. And these two happy, and give me more happiness. Well, it's supposed to be a happy time like a dream... But the game that you like can't afford to buy a game and don't play. Why, will it be like this?

all right, with the Christmas special, G is getting a lot of money and got a big wind from the wind. Let's see what you bought last week.

Steam weekly sales list:

1: "survival: Jedi Battle Royale (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)"

2: "GTA5"

3: "(They Are Billions) hundreds of millions of zombies" (

= 3)

4: "the original sin: 2 (Divinity:Original Sin 2)" (Xin Jin


5: "the counter-terrorism Elite: Counter-Strike:Global Offensive" (Xin Jin)

6: "the soul of the dark 3 (DARK SOULS III)" (Xin Jin)

7: the assassin's Creed: origin (Assassin's Creed:Origins) (Xin Jin)

8: Cuphead (Xin Jin)

9: Wizard 3: The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt (Xin Jin)

10: "the ark: survival evolution (ARK:Survival Evolved)" (

: 2)

's new 100 million zombies is still in the EA stage, but it is still in the top three. Everyone has been giving a good review. It looks like a killing drug.

The "

2" original sin, although only 10 percent off, but the excellent quality and excellent reputation as the top ten again. "Dark soul 3" Christmas opening history of low 75off, only 67 yuan, as a relatively low degree of difficulty, "dark soul 3" is also popular. "The origin of assassin creed" 30off sold 173 yuan, if the start of the Uplay can also spend 100U point 20 percent off again. "Tea cup head" 16off sold 57 yuan, TGA won two awards, the price is really very conscientious. "The sorcerer" 3 annual edition of 60off again, a base can play 100 hours of God, as long as 63 yuan, Poland will have to worry about the bankruptcy ass, don't say, "cyberpunk 2077" when ah!

can see that the new games are in the Christmas season. Christmas gifts will last until January 5th. What can I expect to see in the next list?

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From: Steam圣诞特惠一周销量排行 CS:GO位列第5
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