[gourmet DIY] to do this, the meat is slippery and it's hard to eat.

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the dry mix beef noodles is the most love woman chowhound face

The secret of good

is to add material soup boiled thick

and the cooked beef and flour mixed with

how a sweet word!

steak / green pepper / noodles / shallot / Sesame

oil / soy sauce / garlic / sugar / soup / Pepper

(4 persons)

1, cut the steak into small pieces, put the hand evenly on the starch in the bowl, and spare. Hot oil, hot oil, put in the beef, stir fry for about 3 minutes, until the beef discoloration, serve for use.

2, and then pour oil into the pot, put green pepper, stir fry for about 2 minutes, until green pepper soft, serve for use.

3, hot pot, pour into the material in the juice, stir, cover the lid of the pot, boil. Then turn the small fire and braise for 10 minutes, and make the soup thicker.

4, stir fry beef and green pepper, stir well.

5, in the end, put the cooked noodles in the pan and stir, and the dough can be coloured evenly.


sprinkled with shallots and sesame and finished.

girl love chowhound vegetables, put green pepper,

of course you can change other or not.

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From: 【美食DIY】面这么做,肉香面滑,想不好吃都难
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