"The decisive battle!" Jing Ping "strong woman smoke Luo hellspawn on-line! / presentation skills.

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original title: "the decisive battle!" Jing Ping "strong woman smoke Luo hellspawn on-line! / ~

demonstration skillsToday,

looked at the official website of "the decisive battle! Pingan Jing", and found that the big pictures of the official website were changed, and every cub was beautiful and lovely.

now "Beijing" decisive battle! Peace has been made public will be in "onmyoji" linkage of news, and in January 5th the first iOS platform first, the original onmyoji set various bonus game player, landing free God and free skin, very awesome.

in December 22nd is also on the line of cigarette smoke, strong woman, Luo in the "battle" is the location of Beijing peace! (MAGE), in addition to our beautiful big sister chest and long legs, or take a look at her unique skill! (poor baby every time when the human yecha stakes)

passive skill "confusing"

allows smoky smoke to enter the stealth state when the Qi and blood are relatively low, and after the stealth, it will summon a confused opponent and create a good escape opportunity for himself.


Chan thus skills


Chan thus will first hit the enemy swallow into the belly, and let the enemy cannot harm action.

"naughty ghost" skills

"naughty boy" is the smoke of Luo line consumption core skills of the enemy, running around the naughty boy once hit the enemy will explode, causing damage to the spell within a small range of enemies.

"ghost maze" skills

four smoker is ghost maze skills, once the enemy will not only be a step on the imp spell damage is also affected by the slow effect is difficult to escape even subsequent cigarette ronaldo.

"irritable ghost" skill

/ "tempered ghost": a ghost after landing in storage capacity, storage capacity, in addition to the slowing of the enemy continued, will cause great harm to the enemy in the spell the end of the storage capacity. The power of the irritable ghost affects the attack value.

, in a word, is a difficult role. Do you know if you can adjust the skills in the later period? return to the Sohu, see more


From: 「决战!平安京」御姐式神烟烟罗上线!技能大招演示~
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