Deng Hui, the Yangtze River Securities, behind the curtain: Liu Yiqian's single billion investment losses 4 billion 290 million

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original title: behind the curtain of Deng Hui, Changjiang Securities: Liu Yiqian's single billion investment losses 4 billion 290 million

in December 26th, there was a market message that Deng Hui, President of the 000783.SZ, was dismissal from the board of directors.

Liu Yiqian's single billion investment in the Yangtze River Securities in 2015 has lost 4 billion 290 million yuan

2015 April, Liu Yiqian through its sinline Group invested 10 billion, the Qingdao Haier holdings of 14.72% equity securities of the Yangtze River, involving a total of 698 million shares of tradable shares (representing 12.62% of the total number of shares, equivalent to 14.33 yuan per share). At the end of 2016, Changjiang Securities, dividends, send 3.5 yuan for every 10 shares held by the group, sinline Changjiang Securities cost 13.98 yuan per share.

but then the stock price of the Yangtze River Securities has been poor, in December 25th this year, it fell to the lowest point in the three year history of 7.83 yuan. In May 23rd, sinline Group Holdings 5 million 417 thousand and 100 shares, holdings after holding Changjiang Securities 703 million shares, the total capital ratio was 12.72%.


did not disclose the Changjiang Securities sinline Group Holdings, according to the highest price in May 23rd Changjiang Securities intraday 8.59 yuan / share, the lowest price of 8.41 yuan / share calculation, sinline group's holdings amounted to approximately 45 million 557 thousand and 900 yuan, 46 million 370 thousand and 500 yuan.

only calculate Liu Yiqian just purchased Changjiang Securities when the price of 14.33 yuan, a total of 698 million shares of stock in 2016, Changjiang Securities every 10 shares of 3.5 yuan of dividends, sinline group cost 13.98 yuan per share, 7.83 yuan to calculate the closing price of December 25th Changjiang Securities Liu Yiqian, this acquisition has been a loss of 4 billion 290 million yuan.

2016 stock market crash, including Changjiang Securities, securities listed on the stock price way down, Liu Yiqian is a high-profile threatened for the country to support the market, the equity holdings of its holdings of listed companies. In January 2016, Changjiang Securities announced that Guohua life insurance, a real controller by Liu Yiqian, increased 237 million shares of Changjiang securities listed trading from August 24, 2015 to January 27, 2016, accounting for 4.99% of the total share capital.

Changjiang Securities controlling right is confusing

for a long time, Changjiang Securities share is very dispersed. There is no real controller and controlling shareholder. The chairman is appointed by the local government. The control right is actually owned by Hubei SASAC.


Liu Yiqian has won the position of the largest shareholder in the Yangtze River Securities, but who is the leader of Future Ltd governance and the right to speak? Who will be the actual controller of the new Changjiang Securities? The answer is always confusing.

last March, Changjiang Securities amended the details of the articles of association. The new regulations removed the requirement of "180 consecutive shareholding shareholders" for the proposal of directors and supervisors and set up a vice chairman seat under the chairman.

was chairman of Changjiang Securities of a vacancy, temporarily by Changjiang Securities vice chairman, vice president of Haier group to perform on behalf of Cui shaohua. Industry insiders think it might be a way to pave the way for Liu Yiqian's board of directors.

but half a year after the appointment of the chairman, the Changjiang Securities announced the official chairman of the board in July 1, 2016. The former chief director of the Hubei provincial transportation department was elected as the chairman of the company, overthrowing Liu Yiqian's introduction to the Changjiang Securities board.

insiders said that such personnel arrangements are not all of a sudden, the post of Party Secretary for five months has been especially in the Xi was elected as chairman of the company before the "advanced into the Yangtze River Securities Party committee, party secretary, chairman of the board of directors before entering the post, this is a cross Changjiang Securities Service" routine"."

industry once the rumors, Liu Yiqian gave up for Changjiang Securities, a controlling stake, but he himself has publicly expressed the hope that "pay attention to Changjiang Securities, with their own efforts to accumulate 20 years of experience in the capital market and the capital market to judge, Changjiang Securities, a good mechanism, and build a modern financial platform."

Changjiang Securities holding Holdings OR blocking success?

in fact, Liu Yiqian has long been all-powerful in the capital market, with the "capital cheetah", "king of legal person shares, the issue" King "and" collectors "and a series of name, Changjiang Securities just one of the many subject he was optimistic about the.

Liu Yiqian's sinline group and Kuo Hua life in recent years in the A stock market moves constantly, frequently placards listed companies. In a comprehensive way, Liu Yiqian's listed companies have spent more than 3 billion yuan on the listed companies. The industry believes that these placards have the background of the central enterprises or the background of local state-owned assets, which largely reflects Liu Yiqian's optimism for the reform of state-owned enterprises.

, for example, after the high and new Hubei listed company in East Lake, Liu Yiqian said on WeChat, "the baby loves to die in Hubei." It is interesting that Liu Yiqian's ancestral home in Hubei, but he frequently cited the Hubei enterprise, in addition to the love of his hometown, there may be a more complex reason behind it.

public information shows that East Lake high-tech is subordinate to the national capital, the controlling shareholder is the Hubei joint development investment group, the actual control of the Hubei SASAC.

industry sources, from the present situation, although Liu Yiqian is the largest shareholder of the company, but the Hubei state is in a stronger position, "Liu Yiqian wants to get control of the securities of the Yangtze River, Hubei SASAC also does not want to see the lost control only listed brokerage subsidiary." As a result, Liu Yiqian has been interpreted as a "deep meaning" by the state capital committee of the East Lake high tech Committee.

according to the reporter, the first front of the Yangtze River Securities

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