Research Report: housing prices in Beijing fell for the first time in July and there was no sign of a rebound in house prices

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original title: Research Report: housing prices in Beijing fell for the first time in July, there was no sign of a rebound in house prices

research reported that housing prices in Beijing fell in a row in July without a rebound in prices in the first line of cities

data map property market. Sun Rui's

news agency, December 25 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Chen Su) from the center of Chinese Social Sciences Institute of finance strategy, and the competitiveness of the city China Academy of Social Sciences published 25 "Chinese housing market monthly analysis report" (hereinafter referred to as the report) shows that in November, China's first-tier cities housing prices stopped rising, housing prices in Beijing has been falling for 7 months.

According to the November 2017 big data house price index,

has seen a drop in housing prices in the first tier cities. Beijing and Shanghai continue to fall. Guangzhou and Shenzhen are also closing. However, four first tier cities have not yet fallen in the same period of the same period last year. In November, house prices in Guangzhou were still up 46.82% over the same period of the previous year.

concern is that Beijing housing prices have fallen for 7 consecutive months, the cumulative decline from the highest point in April to November 15.5%, April Beijing housing prices was 63647 yuan (RMB, same below) / square meters, in November of second-hand housing transaction price was dropped to 56078 yuan / square meters, the cumulative drop of 7569 yuan / square M.

The cumulative decline of the

ring capital plate is larger. On behalf of Langfang (Yanjiao), the fall from the highest point in April has fallen by 36.9%, and the decline is the first in the country. The median house price fell from 31879 yuan per square meter in April to less than 20000 yuan / sq m in November. The report said the frenzy of speculation brought home prices, and a large number of investment speculators were deeply stuck.

In the second tier cities of

, except for Chengdu and Nanjing, the housing price is higher than 2%. The price of other cities is relatively stable. Hot three or four tier cities such as Foshan, Dongguan, Hefei and Wuxi also tend to stop rising. Most of the sample cities are less than 1%.

According to the

report analysis, from the macro perspective, the uncertainty of the international economic situation has caused the uncertainty of the economic development prospects, and the real interest rate in the financial market is still high, which constitutes a basic factor of the short-term real estate market's fever. From a policy perspective, the central repeatedly stressed that the real estate market regulation policy should continue to increase the possibility of real estate tax is not relaxed, the next few years to enter the legislative process, promote the rental market development policy has introduced, these factors make the short-term prices are expected to stabilize.


report predicts that housing prices will continue in the short term. The housing prices in the first tier cities as the vane of the real estate market remain low and there is no sign of rebound. The stop or fall of housing prices will gradually extend to the three or four line cities. Buyers should pay attention to avoid the risk of catching up.


report reminds us that the long-term contradiction between supply and demand in China's urban housing market still exists. Housing stability is hard to come by. The overall continuity and stability of regulation policies should be maintained, so that housing prices will soon rebound after easing.

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From: 研究报告:北京房价连续7月下跌 一线城市房价无反弹迹象
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