At the age of 22, she exploded one night, and "vanished" for many years she had become the most wanted look for girls!

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sister OS

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about Xiong Naijin, emerge out of costume beauty a sister in mind will can't help these four words, "she asked her to have much worry about the small week", in the "Water Margin" in Yan Xijiao, in the "Chi" in you Ji Qingyun etc. other costumes, are amazing. But when she learned about Xiong Naijin in her life, she found out that she was a very interesting girl. Sometimes she was quiet and active. She also had courage and fearlessness when she had literature and art.

at Christmas, we whim, want to play something new with this challenge love girl, so take this elder sister and Xiong Naijin meet, get rid of the traditional festival of style, to complete a large fashion, with lighting and camera to build a "dark christmas"!

itMode X Xiong Naijin: make you a different stylish Christmas!

Look1 morden grain


dress: TRINITEstudio

high boots: TRINITEstudio

sleeveless Plaid Dress simple and stylish, horizontal fold design highlights the waist, a pair of white boots irregular break the normal procedure ratio, suction eye full force, with small pockets drums and long earrings, easy to create a modern sense.

Look2 suit to think of

hat: LV

suit suit bottoming: MO& CO

thin black inside and a collocation corduroy wide leg pants comfortable colour, and wore a plaid suit, instantly become neat and fashionable, fine silk scarf in Bo neck to be decorated, improve temperament, in such a look in Santa Party, absolute cool




band skirt: PB

Earrings: especially

light coffee color Knee Skirt classical enough, water wave White Pinstripe jacket to overlap, and immediately the plaid skirt conservative and rigid, mini pocket tied around the waist not only to recoil effect, thin and even more of a playful sense.

Look4 hallucinogenic light and shadow

jacket: Zara