8 super warm breakfast, eating in the morning in the winter, not cold all day

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original title: 8 super warm breakfast, winter morning like this, all day is not cold

the winter breakfast is especially cold, so it's especially necessary to eat a little hot. The following 8 very warm breakfast practices are recommended. Eat this morning, cold stomach, very fit, is simple, love of the parents who must try ~

first: nutrition xiaomizhou

xiaomizhou is very healthy nutrition food. Can keep you warm, Jianweixiaoshi, very good for the body. If you think it's time consuming to cook porridge in the morning, you can put the material into an electric rice cooker or a pressure cooker one night ahead of schedule, and make an appointment for a good time, and you can eat it ready second days in the morning.

concrete making method

first step: prepare food. The amount of millet, the red date (the best of the small) more than ten grains, the proper amount of lotus seed, the proper amount of Chinese wolfberry, the proper amount of peanuts and the dry amount of Cinnamomum.

second step: lotus seeds to the heart (with a toothpick to top out, also do this without prior porridge lotus seed soaked), dried longan peel. Then with millet, peanuts, wolfberry, jujube some clean, put into the rice cooker, and then pour into 10 times the water (according to their own preferences to reduce the amount of water). Choose the function of cooking porridge.

third step: cooked porridge.

second: face slice soup

the noodle soup is very comfortable stomach looks dull, and good digestion, the children and the old people can eat. Furthermore, the pasta, with eggs and all kinds of vegetables, is rich in nutrition and is very suitable for daily consumption. It is not difficult to use ready-made wonton skin to make, time-saving, ten minutes you can do.

concrete making method

first step: prepare food. Wonton skin 300 grams, letinous edodes several, carrots half, a few spinach, 2 eggs, a little green onions, a little ginger.

The second step: the letinous edodes

, diced carrot slices, spinach, cut onion ginger mince standby.

third step: cut the wonton skin into small pieces. (usually a wonton pitche 4 pieces of it.)

fourth step: break up the eggs.

The fifth step:

pot pour a little oil, oil heat, put the egg into the pot fried to solidify, then set aside.

the sixth step: go into the pot a little cooking oil, after the heat put onion ginger into the pot and stir fry out fragrance, then letinous edodes and carrots into the pot and stir fry evenly, then add 1 tablespoons soy sauce and stir fry evenly.

seventh step: pour a proper amount of water into the pot and turn small fire for 5 minutes after a large fire. (cook a little more to make the soup more delicious.)

eighth step: turn the fire and put the film in the pot. When the face is put into the pot, it must be quickly dispersed, or it is easy to stick together.)

ninth step: put the spinach segments and eggs in the pot, and then add 2 spoonful of salt and half a spoon of chicken essence to taste. Cook it again and turn off the fire, and then pour a little oil on it.

said more:

1, if you can buy a ready made face, that's better. If you can't buy it, the wonton skin and the dumpling skin can be selected, but the taste of the dumpling skin is slightly thicker. Of course, if you have time, you can do the film yourself.

2, about vegetables, can be chosen according to your own taste.

3, the soup a little ginger, can be cold. If you don't want to eat ginger, you can cut the ginger a little bigger and pick it out after it is cooked.

4, this soup eat the best to eat the best ~

third: egg white meat congee

the preserved egg lean meat gruel fragrant glutinous soft and smooth, full of warm heart, and make more lean meat porridge preserved egg sunny glibly, is a very good choice of breakfast.

concrete making method

first step: prepare food. 100 grams of rice, 100 grams of lean pork and one egg.

The second step:

rice will be clean, and then put into the electric cooker, add 1000 ml of water. Choose the function of the congee in the casserole.

third step: cut the lean meat into pieces.

The fourth step:

pot into the amount of water, then diced into the pot, add a spoon of cooking wine, boil skim floating foam, remove and reserve meat.

The fifth step:

will be diced into electric stew pot, boiled together with porridge.