You don't have to go to Paris and get "Le Louvre Museum blockbusters" at this gallery.

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original title: do not go to Paris, in this art gallery, you can take "Le Louvre Museum blockbuster"

recently a new movie, love Van Gogh, is highly praised,

don't know everyone's attention?

this film uses oil painting animation as a form of

shows the life of the great artist,

the friend of the movie sister said excitedly,

immediately want to visit Van Gogh authentic worship you!

in fact, sister noticed,

people are becoming more and more interested in art in the last two years,

many cities will also launch an art theme exhibition,

unfortunately most of them are multimedia video shows,

> form is larger than content.

but recently sister found a good place to recommend to everyone,

> not only beautiful color is suitable for photographing,

more awesome is here to see Van Gogh, Picasso and other masters of artworks,

without going to Le Louvre museum can also make a big art sense,

it is the pine Art Museum in Shunyi District, Beijing.

the gallery at the end of September this year just completed the opening,

though very low profile since the opening,

> little publicity,

but it has become a new landmark Wanghong.

don't find out,

pine Museum first but really is not small.

it is the private art gallery of Wang Zhongjun, founder of Huayi Brothers,

> in fact, in addition to the identity of Hua Yi big guy,

Wang Zhong Jun or a well-known art collector.

this time to change the horse yard into a museum of art,

is because he feels that his collection of works of art is too mixed,

to systematically show just


translations mean,

you can't put it down at home.

although the Museum of Art opens soon,

but have star come here,

and still with a baby to carry out artistic edification of ~

in addition, the big cousin also took a magazine seal.

From: 不用去巴黎,在这家美术馆就能拍出“卢浮宫大片”
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