Young people in Huaxi Village: women are not married, rich three generation of luxury cars to go to work in the village

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original title: young people in Huaxi Village: women are not married, rich three generation of luxury cars to village enterprises to work

new Beijing News "company evolution theory" WeChat public number, low profile, internal intermarriage, driving to the village enterprises to work... For a long time, young people in "the first village of the world" in Huaxi Village and Huaxi Village have also been labeled.

recently visited Huaxi Village and found that the current situation of large scale outward flow of rural young people is different. Over the years, Huaxi Village has been keeping about 98% of young people returning home. These young people, usually married within one or two years after graduation, are mostly introduced by acquaintances. Even if they are free to love outside, they will eventually bring the other half back to West China.

currently, there are 283 subsidiaries of Huaxi Group, including 1 holding companies and 80 affiliated companies. The industry involves many sectors such as finance, finance leasing, steel, chemical fiber and agriculture. When young people in Huaxi Village return home, they will work in various villages.

as a result of the widespread prosperity, many young people go to work in the village.

many young people say they do not like to be labeled as "the three generation". They work as hard as their parents, and they also pay attention to the enjoyment.

farming of young people in Huaxi Village to celebrate the harvest, many of them drove luxury cars to work in the village enterprises (this picture are Huaxi Village


do not want to leave

98% young people choose to stay in Huaxi Village

is a little mysterious for young people in Huaxi Village, and many villages near Huaxi Village. "Although it is a classmate, but feeling a lot of time and they think different, they tend to go home and get married when they graduate, and rarely find outsiders." A person in Jiangyin told the news of the new Beijing News.

, according to Miao Hua, deputy secretary of the Huaxi Village Party committee and Huaxi organization and personnel director, a small number of people will choose to work outside the school after school. Most of them will return to Huaxi Village after graduation. According to his mastery, the proportion of graduation and return to the country reached 98%, according to Miao Hua.

There had been a voice from the outside world that Huaxi Village had carried out economic control over the villagers in Huaxi Village, causing villagers to dare not leave Huaxi Village.

, "in the past, old secretary Wu Renbao was more powerful. Even his son was out of employment. They were called back, so that the outside world formed the impression of Huaxi Village closed. In fact, the old secretary didn't force the villagers, just hope that Huaxi Village can develop well." Mei Zhenhua, a villager born in Huaxi Village for 81 years, told reporters that young people in Huaxi Village choose to return home after graduation. On the one hand, they are concerned about emotional factors such as taking care of their parents, on the one hand, they are also motivated by economic factors.

Mei Zhenhua graduated from Harbin University of Science and Technology. "I was studying steel, and I wanted to look for a job after graduation, but at that time the village was developing the steel industry. After talking to Secretary Wu Xieen, he finally decided to return home. " Mei Zhenhua believes that Chinese has moved in Huaxi Village itself, good condition, is a logical choice to graduation.

During the period of

89, he studied food specialty during his graduation. He was ready to work in a listed wine company after graduation. After hesitating for a long time, he returned to the "doorstep" and entered a food factory in Huaxi Village.

how much job carrying capacity is there in a village? According to Shi Yujie, the enterprises in Huaxi Village are now close to 300, "no matter how cold they are, they can find the right job." Shi Yujie thinks.

universal "women never marry"


one or two years after graduationWhen

chose to return to the country, the young people in Huaxi Village generally entered the marriage palace in one or two years.

"I'm looking for our junior high school students and fellow townsmen." After graduating from Harbin University of Science and Technology, Mei Zhenhua went to work in the Huaxi Village iron and steel plant and married at the age of 24.

Shi Yujie was looking for his high school students. After graduating from college at the age of 24, he stepped into the marriage hall and now had two sons.

Shi Yujie's brother Shi Jinjie looked for his own college students, not a native of Jiangyin, but also married at the age of 24.

in addition to free love, many more young people in Huaxi Village returned to their hometown and found their own half through the way acquaintances introduced them.

"I introduced my nieces to my colleague Ge Xiaotong, and I didn't expect them to get up at once." Ge Xiaotong was born in 1992 and returned home after graduation. Relatives, friends and work units introduced him many times. Shi Yujie introduced his sisters to Ge Xiaotong, but they failed. "After work, the circle is so narrow that many people can only solve the problem of marriage by introducing them." Shi Yujie said.

"we Huaxi Village, has formed the atmosphere of graduation and marriage, the general graduation is married, first family and then business. "According to the Huaxi Village propaganda department, the young people in Huaxi Village are generally married at the age of 24 and 25.