Zhejiang University research and development "super battery" can work at -40 centigrade

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original title: Zhejiang University research and development "super battery" can work at -40 C environment

new Beijing News News

(reporter Wang Yu) recently developed a new type of aluminum Shi Moxi battery, which is developed by the Department of polymer science and engineering, Zhejiang University. The battery can not only overcome temperature and other problems, but also achieve high charging performance, and it can achieve "charging 5 seconds to talk for two hours".

research team members told the Beijing News reporters that at present, the research and development of the new battery is still in the laboratory stage. To achieve commercialized mass production, we still need to overcome many technical problems, and there is still a long way to go.

can also be charged 10 times a day for 70 years

new aluminum graphene battery cathode is graphene thin film, the negative electrode is metal aluminum. As long as two pieces of film are connected together, a group of LED lights can be lit up.

, according to the R & D team, is a new type of aluminum - graphene battery for the replacement of current lithium batteries.

As the most widely used

intelligent mobile phone battery, lithium battery has a lot of difficult shortcomings, in addition to the instability in the low temperature and high temperature conditions effect, lithium battery life is limited, often in use after one or two years of life greatly reduced.

laboratory data show that the new aluminum - graphene battery can work in the environment of -40 C to 120 C. In the environment of -30 C, the performance of 1000 times of charge discharge can be realized, and 45 thousand stable cycles can be realized in the environment of 100. In addition, the flexible features of the new battery can cause its bending ten thousand times, and the capacity can still be maintained.

if a charging - discharge process is used as a cycle, the new aluminum - graphene battery will be able to maintain a 91% performance through 250 thousand cycles. The research team estimates that if smartphones use this battery, it can be used for nearly 70 years even if it is charged 10 times a day.

On 15

12, the team's research results were published in the core journal, Science Advances.

can achieve a maximum of 1. and one second full of electricity


2015, Dai Hongjie research group of Stanford University published a paper that he proposed to use high-temperature pyrolysis graphite foam to make battery cathode, and develop high efficiency aluminum ion battery. The R & D team of Zhejiang University, inspired by this theory, started a new type of battery development.

, a member of the research and development team, said that as the most abundant metallic element in the earth's crust, aluminum is cheap and safe, and it is an ideal negative electrode material in battery preparation. But for many years, the properties of the matched cathode materials have been delayed, and the overall performance of the aluminum battery is difficult to be brought into play. After the introduction of graphene, this problem is solved.

"this aluminum - graphene" super "battery, rate performance and cycle life far exceeds the other batteries." It is very important to say that the performance of a battery depends on the running state of electrons and ions between positive and negative electrodes. Therefore, electrode materials must run as many electrons and ions as possible.

According to

, although some smartphones are also fast - charging at present, it seems that the battery is quickly filled and the actual duration is not long. In the laboratory, the new battery can be full of electricity in 1. and one second, and the loss of energy is slight.

, which shows that if the future new type of battery is applied to a cell phone, "charging 5 seconds to call 2 hours" can be a reality.

Author: Wang Yu return to the Sohu, look at more


From: 浙大研发“超级电池” 可在-40℃环境下工作
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