Why is the kindergarten education in Japan attracting much attention? Behind the 13 details to learn!

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original title: why Japanese kindergarten education has attracted much attention? Behind the 13 details to learn!

about Japanese education, China International Television, Phoenix TV, Dongfang satellite TV international guests, Mr. Wang Chong, the core member of NewMedia alliance has shared this story:

In a year,

participated in the Chinese youth delegation's visit to Japan, and the Japanese youth "close to the house", and had a half day to discuss the education problem.

The youth of

are divided into 7 groups to discuss the sustainable development of education in the two countries. According to the regulations, the two parties need to submit the key words of education on education.

I found that most of the attention to detail of Japanese youth submission, for example to sports park, built the needed employment in the vicinity of the school curriculum, adhere to the class-break setting-up exercise; and the young Chinese mentioned keywords from the macro perspective, innovation, internationalization, independence, increase the budget etc..

The difference in the key words listed in

between China and Japan shows that the Chinese people attach importance to the macro theory and the Japanese attach importance to the details. Interestingly, when Chinese youth talk about the macro education plan, they ask "what is the educational thought of Japan", and the answer is "I don't know, Japan has no education ideology".

is a shortage of Japanese education, that is, the lack of rationalism. For example, , Japan has a good basic education system. However, college education is very general. There is no rationalism in Japan and lack of truly independent intellectuals.

that is one of the reasons why the right-wing speech of the Japanese media can easily follow the people.

perhaps Japan's lack of education, but his kindergarten is awesome...... (extension reading: a 10 - dollar lunch in Japan's primary school, 13 million people watching, shocked the world!)

According to Japan's "

" Xinhua China Press reported that a new round of the "education revolution" in Japan is about to begin, the goal is to achieve the kindergarten and university education are all free, low income families for free.

was later proved in Andouble's congressional speech. Andouble vowed to provide a free baby care system. Of course, the focus of our media is to fix the constitution.

Wang Chong, in the book "gap", mentioned Japanese education in the book:

One of the most important reasons for the development or not of

countries is the gap in education.

, I have always believed that the gap between the state and the country lies in the human beings. The gap between people is basically in education. The tiny differences in education in early childhood will be enlarged in the future. As far as flashlight is concerned, the farther away it is, the larger the scattering will be and the wider the influence will be.

what should we think and learn from early childhood education in Japan?

after reading this article, maybe you will have some feelings.


simple environment

kindergarten, whether public or private, their classrooms are extremely simple, do not see a "luxury" and "modernization" of the shadow, in addition to the recorder a piano, a TV and a portable, is slightly "advanced", which were compared with the domestic hardware the requirements of the "five machine scene" far.

for children's toys are some cardboard and sizes of the packing box, paper, nylon rope, wood or bamboo chopsticks, there are a lot of books, let the children stack, graffiti, clip, play, and children's happiness within.

hardly knows that this is the wisdom of Japanese educators: embodies the educational concept of "people-oriented" and "child centered". People should play their potential and become slaves of "finished products". The progress of technology makes people form greater pressure on survival, create an atmosphere of "survival of the fittest", and make full use of the surrounding resources.

educating through the environment to cultivate the creative spirit of children.


orderliness - all packages, and organize

by themselvesOn the first day of

's admission to the kindergarten, the kindergarten should prepare a number of big and small bags for the mother.

bag, blanket bag, put cutlery, tableware package box, clothes bag, bag, clothes and equipment installed for down clothes bag, shoes bag installed and so on, but also has provisions for the size of the package, some kindergartens even require all the package must be made to mother.

children have to sort out their personal items and put them in a unified place, often starting to exercise the integrity of the children.

Japanese are very harsh on the classification of garbage, meticulous and unaware of their trouble, which is also closely related to childhood education.


children take bags, adult empty hand From: 为什么日本幼儿园教育备受瞩目?背后的13个细节要学习!
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