Hermes in the rice cooker! White kitchen can make a pot of sorrowful rice!

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original title: Hermes in Rice Cooker! White kitchen can make a pot of sorrowful rice!

" is wrapped in winter only to realize the warm fragrance of a bowl of rice.

at home, you can do a deeply grieved baozaifan

Ya Cantonese restaurant ,

semifinished series again New!


you can make a super authentic casserole dinner at home!

even if you are a kitchen white, you can easily make a soul meal!

you can do the amount of 4 people at a time!

when the casserole cooker is held in front of the pot,

forced stirring, with bared it bared it sounds,

Steamed Rice with Preserved Ham oil hot breath on the face,

the moment feeling

bursting with happiness!

in those years, in the movie "God of cookery" sorrowful rice , see but not eat, really makes people forget about.

baozaifan biggest advantage is easy to do, in this winter, what better than a pot of steaming Zizi Zi and aroma, has a beautiful color and rich taste baozaifan more attractive!


to be a good pot of rice can not be easy to

| only on good food can achieve good pot baozaifan |

without good ingredients, it can't make a bowl of cooked rice. Ya with 90% Thai fragrant rice, plus 10% glutinous rice allocated meticulously, mixing different meters, in order to achieve good Steamed Rice.

Steamed Rice baozaifan is good, the food can not be sloppy, Steamed Rice largely determines the taste, and left the Lawei baozaifan taste .

baozaifan in Lawei are preferred to strictly control the quality of master ya, trustworthy!

cooker sauce sauce is the soul of a pot of rice. It is not generally sauce packets, is a master of modulation , with strong flavor and can easily bring out the meat itself delicious.


white can also make Hermes

in rice cooker

| makes a delicious meal that can be so simple |

the process of cooking is quite simple, and follow the steps of the little editor to do it, making a delicious meal is not a dream! wash rice for 1 hours before cooking, add water, the proportion of rice grains is 1:1.5. (rice is best soaked in advance for 1 hours)

La sausage, bacon, chicken wax slices, sliced remember tilt Oh, so the oil can penetrate into the meat juice in rice.