Bitcoin mining East three: "Mary" China, South Korea and Japan are non Buddhist system

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original title: bitcoin mining East Asia three: "Mary" China, South Korea and Japan are non Buddha

welcome to the magic world, this is about bitcoin.

"can you sing old Disney movie" Snow White ", the song of the game when the seven dwarfs?" to see the first financial reporter suddenly by Meng live, Pu Enzhi (a pseudonym) in the video phone up to the Korean boy's smile, and then selfishly sang, "We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig in our mine the whole day through, To dig dig dig dig dig dig dig is what we like to do...... (it is: "we are digging mining digging all day digging dig dug is our love to do. ") Pu Enzhi said," this song is just describing our life. " And then a burst of laughter.

, because of his name, Pu Enzhi is often regarded as a Korean. Actually he is a Korean student from Jilin, China. He majored in information technology in a university in Seoul for nearly 3 years. Apart from class, being a "miner" may be one of his few hobbies. He dug not a coal mine, but a "gold mine", a "mine" of bitcoin.

"I'm just taking this as a hobby for a professional course, and I don't expect to make a lot of it. What's more, my equipment is too small and the electricity cost is too expensive, and I can't make a lot of it. " Pu Enzhi told first finance, according to his understanding, there are some "mine owners" factories in Korea, which are quite large. Though they may not be comparable to some factories in China, they should be able to compete with another neighbor, Japan's counterparts.

, "because China's output is too high (about 70% of the world), compared to it, it is obviously not comparable, but comparing the bitcoin culture in two countries of Korea and Japan, some conclusions can be quite interesting." Pu Enzhi said.

is worth noting that the Japanese government is more cautious than the special currency, and seems to be moving closer to China and South Korea. Last week, Japanese finance minister Taro Aso said that bitcoin has not yet been proved to be a credible currency, so Japan still needs to observe it cautiously. Earlier, the French finance minister Bruno Lemerre said France would propose to discuss the supervision of virtual currencies such as bitcoin at the G20 summit next year.

than armaments: Japanese "enthusiasts" love DIY more?

, Longshan electronic business district in Hanjiang Road, Longshan District, Seoul, is the largest comprehensive e-business District in Korea. There are 10 business streets gathered here. "South Korea itself is the power of Electronic Science and technology, and the status of the Longshan electronic commercial block can be imagined." Pu Enzhi said that the mention of Longshan, mainly because this area is different in the eyes of the meaning of "miners" -- many people have speculated that there may be the most concentrated South Korean mining machine parts.

mining machine is used to obtain the bitcoin computer, usually dedicated to mining chip configuration, graphics damage greatly, also the costs of electricity. With the advent of the "mining" hot ", but also increase the cost of mining machine. "The main reason is that the price of the graphics card is rising, so I can't get enough money to buy overseas students like this. However, it doesn't seem to block the enthusiasm of others. Pu Enzhi said.

after local media reports, Yongsan electronic commercial district has some rental shops are used as bitcoin mining use, even some stores have more than hundreds of "mining machine" started at the same time, in the area of electricity consumption soared, even the air conditioning electricity larger appliances start at work there will be a great security risk tripping phenomenon. Finally, the management unit of electronic market to be bound, but not entirely.

compared to South Korean counterparts situation, Japan's "mining" lovers show creativity, is full of Japanese small fresh, full of fun DIY.

Japan according to local media reports, there are fans that the existing mining approach is not environmental protection, so DIY out of human power "type mining machine", is through continuous shaking power bar for an hour, probably can be equivalent to 0.002 yen coins virtual currency adorable NaI (Monacoin). The inventor doesn't seem to mind the problem of efficiency at all, only the greater meaning of environmental protection and exercise.

DIY "if the mining machine closer to the funny words in Japanese," mining "show" Consortium "characteristic is more obvious.

in September this year, the Japanese Internet Internet giant GMO group announced a $320 million (about 2 billion 100 million yuan) in bitcoin mining, and independent research and development program to subvert the chip mining field. The company, CEO, also claims that it will be a new generation of "miners".

it is not difficult to see that the "mining machine" of the "arms race" in

From: 比特币挖矿东亚三强:中国“马力”最大,韩日也非佛系
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