All these years have been thrown away, it turns out that the orange peel has so many uses!

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original title: all these years have been thrown, the original orange peel so much use!

after eating oranges,

do you throw out the orange peel?

tell you today,

orange peel can not be lost, the use is big!


orange peel as a pillow, there is a magical effect

Orange Peel pillow can speed up the blood circulation of the brain, and has certain anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. Making it pillow can reduce the damage of some viruses to human cells. Orange Peel with a large number of natural volatile oil exist, can town Jingan God, to alleviate the insomnia.

, then, how do the orange peel pillows do?


production method: orange peel" on clean paper, placed in the sun and dried in half dry, cut orange peel into filaments or Ding. Put the dried orange peel in the pillowcase,


1, orange peel is not easy to cut before sun exposure, too dry and shredded, so the semi dry state is the best.

2, preferably on the cardboard or on the cloth, can be breathable, and also wet. Don't put it on a plastic cloth. It's easy to get the tide, and it's not breathable.

3, pillowcase materials to choose a large density of cloth, to prevent a long time, orange peel will leak.

4" and "orange peel" will become damp and mouldy indoors for a long time. The orange peel at that time will not have these functions, so we need to clean up and replace them in time.

has these effects oh

1. relieves coughing

with dry orange peel 5 grams, add water 2 cups of decoction, put a small amount of ginger, red sugar taken while hot. Preferable fresh orange peel amount, chopped with boiling water, add sugar and tea drink, have the effect of eliminating phlegm and stopping cough.

2. Qi Xiaozhang

with fresh orange peel bubble boiling water, add appropriate amount of sugar, orange for tea, drink after Qi flatulency, Sheng Jin throat.

3. alleviated bad breath

Orange Peel 30 grams, Decoction on behalf of the tea, alleviate halitosis.

4. alleviated gastric pain

dried orange peel not only has a special flavor, but also can adjust gastrointestinal function, irregular diet or overeating, causing stomach discomfort, drinking orange peel water, has a certain mitigation effect.

5. alleviated cold, cold and cold

fresh orange peel, ginger slices, add red sugar and water to drink, can relieve cold, cold.

6. relieved frostbite

first, the orange peel is burnt with fire, and it is made into powder, then the oil is evenly adjusted with plant oil, and it can be applied to the affected area to relieve the frostbite.

orange peel can also enter the dish

boiled porridge, tea, stir fry, put on a few slices of orange peel, not only to eat fragrant and refreshing, but also appetizer, greasy.

orange porridge From: 这些年都白扔了,原来橘子皮有这么多用处!
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