Stephen Chow did not make a movie with a red spot, and tickets for 30 yuan were scarce.

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original title: Stephen Chow came to film no red in the scenic spot, tickets 30 yuan tourists are scarce

generally, the scene of the film will be red, as the film is broadcast, visitors will be interested in shooting. Such examples are often seen, "if you are the one" with a fire in Hangzhou's XiXi Wetland, there are exceptions.


2008, the movie "Yangtze River No. seven", which Stephen Chow directed and starred, released over 200 million yuan at the box office. At that time, it was one of the most successful films. The film was shot in Ningbo, Zhejiang.

Stephen Chow was born in Hongkong, but his ancestral home is Ningbo in Zhejiang, so it is very emotional to the city of Ningbo. There are a lot of shooting places in the No. seven of the Yangtze River. Now some of the shooting points have no longer exist. The small Putuo scenic spot in Dongqian Lake is one of the shooting places of the year, but the scenic spot is still cold.

Dongqian Lake in Ningbo has a long history, there are several small scenic Lake, Putuo is one of the earliest development of a ticket, 30 yuan, as early as in the song of island is a Xia Yu temple.

When the

summer summer water, Putuo had more visitors, connected by a causeway and the shore, there are a lot of water recreation projects in the scenic, of course is also a famous Buddhist resort.

small Putuo area is not too large, in fact, never tired to walk along the causeway, also can take the scenic car battery. Stephen Chow was filming "Yangtze River seven" scene, at the end of the causeway.

The flying saucer in

, No. seven of the Yangtze River, is now a model and is placed at the time of shooting, but it does not seem to have played a role in driving tourists.

East money Lake in Ningbo, as West Lake in Hangzhou, Taihu in Wuxi, Guo Moruo praised the "West Dongqian Lake style, Taihu style".

the city of Ningbo is very low-key, scenic spots are not particularly famous, in fact, Ningbo's tourism resources is very rich, there is a Tianyi Pavilion city in Tiantong temple, Asoka temple and other monuments, as well as Dongqian Lake such natural scenery. return to the Sohu, see more


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