Did you recruit the most puzzled three rumors in 2017?

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original title: did you recruit the most confusing three rumors in 2017?

is too dependent on the Internet to get information, is the rumor on 2017?

1.PM2.5 can block the alveolar

Before the

network on a 150 second haze invade the whole process of human video, the video said, there are 300 million alveoli, 80 PM2.5 particles can block an alveolar, when PM2.5 in the environment that we live up to 1155 micrograms / cubic meter, a year would be blocked 30 million alveoli, blocked for 3 years 1/3 lung.

truth: lack of evidence, exaggerated


said that the haze particles for the human body is not mechanically "blocked" but in alveolar and alveolar adhesion, small airway surface, thus inducing inflammation, effects of gas exchange or other secondary lesions.

2. "scissors" photographed leaked fingerprints?


network is spreading, and researchers warn that people who like to take pictures very much more than "Scissor hands" should be cautious, and fingerprint information may be leaked because of this position.

truth: technology is feasible, but it is difficult to implement

, a senior fingerprint inspection expert from the Ministry of public security conducted an experiment. He took two photos of his colleagues' scissors hands with mobile phones and Canon cameras, and repaired them with computers. The results show that it is not possible to get a fingerprint like this, and it is possible to make a particular picture of the fingerprint.


3. drink a diet coke to lose weight?

Coca-Cola Japan launched a so-called Cola that can be slimming, and said it added "digestible maltodextrin" to inhibit fat absorption, stabilize blood lipids and not generate more calories.

truth: 5 grams of dietary fiber can not move fat


said that the average adult recommended daily intake of 25 grams to 30 grams of dietary fiber, a bottle of cola diet, put 5 grams of dietary fiber, can only be used as a daily dietary fiber supplement. The key to losing weight depends on whether people consume less calories per day than they consume.

in addition to the daily life, in fact, in the game there are a lot of rumors, such as "Final Fantasy Legend once Alice 7" will be raised, to synthesis of colorful stone game player......

such as the legendary "contra" is a "eight underwater off" mystery, is said to be in close at the end of seventh, move forward cautiously, you will find behind a little strange, then turned and strode to catch up, you will find the small strange shape change, then jump to it who, can enter the legendary "eight close water level"!

in "Zhu Xian Mobile Games", a title system, game player to complete different tasks, will get different wonderful titles, such as "ten outstanding youth have double slip" and "what what" living dead "how long count" and so on, legend, 999 times to kill her ex husband will give this hate "everlasting" title......

that, is this a rumor, you can get married in the game, get divorced, and kill my ex husband 999 times. The way to introduce a new couple about Mobile Games Zhu Xian of the ice season

's time to witness miracles, waiting for you!

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