The reform of college entrance examination in Zhejiang after the first champion: end only thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, a fresh clothes horse angry

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original title: the reform of college entrance examination in Zhejiang after the first champion: end only thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, a fresh clothes horse angry

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133 mathematics 147 English 144 comprehensive 300

total score: 724 points alma mater: Zhuji middle school in Zhejiang Province,

> > > Xiaoqu said < < <

has been the end of the college entrance examination for a few months. To recall those days, there is always a kind of dreamy feeling like. Like a dream, is not a hopeless fear, two is the memory of the hard seems to just do 53 do three is as trassient as a fleeting cloud, dizziness, general love to see 53 on the cover of the message to my fellow students, stumbled, but became to write.

in the end are thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, only a handful of fresh clothes horse angry. The deep taste is at the time of fear, hardship, and sincere hope that you can talk to you later on, to admonish and to inspire.

I want to say two key words to you - sober and sincere.

first, it is not easy to be sober. When all around the brim forward footsteps, when the ideal university urge you to forge ahead, you in the crowd, unconsciously will walk, running, anxious to drive Qingzhou over mountains, even on the wrong road.

sobriety means not trying to create the illusion of hard work.

is sure, in the face of the college entrance examination, the question of the sea is a good strategy. However, it is not a hundred times to do the same thing, but to change the data, and not to finish the exercise as the sole purpose.

is sober, and it means a sober understanding of himself. A clear understanding is to understand your ability, your own plan, and your own goals. For example, in all the others stay up when the makeup, cultivation, not because of fear of being left behind and blindly follow the trend, after weighing the pros and cons for their own decisions; not because of losing one exam unable to get up after a fall, not because of the extraordinary play and forget an exam......

then is sincere. I could understand and experience it. I was faced with a worry and fear that I had never worked hard. I also met classmates, so I bought various teaching assistants, and bought various online courses, hoping to find Hayashige Ryokata.

however, the learning of knowledge should be sincere. For example, perhaps skipping reading skills, listening skills is to grasp the key words, but perhaps I hope is not skill, sincere and serious learning process. In this process, you carefully understand the meaning of every word and sentence in the reading comprehension, and know each of the common sentence patterns in the listening comprehension. It does not deny the importance of skill, but the skill applies to the examination, and the sincere attitude is more applicable to learning knowledge.

is often a sincere study, so that you can think calmly about your problems, solve them calmly, and also face the next exam more calmly.


junior high school entrance examination, our Chinese teacher wrote Nietzsche's sentence on the blackboard, which was inscribed on his heart, and he could not forget: "who will eventually shake the world, and he will remain silent for a long time. Whoever will lighten the lightning will go on for a long time." This is the big and small adage of a sentence pattern. To me, I would prefer to understand it as the pursuit of life. Silence and wandering, complete self accumulation and hidden, waiting, waiting for the final outbreak.

but also in high school. In the study, learn to accumulate, to think soberly and sincerely forward, also looking forward to, waiting for the final outbreak.

is to share our.

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From: 浙江高考改革后第一位状元:千军万马,终而鲜衣怒马者 只是寥寥
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