The bitcoin tumultuous history repeats again: after the tumble, it rebounded 40%

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original title: the bitcoin unrest history repeats again: after the plunge, it rebounded 40%

in the past 24 hours, the price of bitcoin has rebounded more than 40%, soaring from a 11000 dollar low to $15300. The CoinDesk index showed a five day drop of more than 40% in the price of the bitcoin, compared with a record peak of $19600.

despite the collapse and rebound, nearly 80% gains in the end of November this year, investors can still buy bitcoins. Most other varieties of encrypted currency, including the Ethereum and Litecoin, also have quite a good rate of return.

when bitcoin price plummeted, trading volume of main exchanges such as Coinbase increased dramatically, probably due to panic selling of a large number of new investors. But compared with the special currency, this round of crazy fluctuations is nothing new. Moreover, even during the crash, the long-term supporters of bitcoin forum also regarded the price decline as a "discount sale", urging investors to seize the opportunity of buying.

this judgment is true, because the encryption of money this year has gone through a few ups and downs. In only one month in September, bitcoin fell nearly 40%. From November 8th to November 12th, prices fell from $7459 to $5857, a drop of nearly 22%, and up to $16858 by December 7th. Then it fell nearly 12% in two days, hitting a record high of $19300 in December 16th.

returned to the past. In June 2011, bitcoin had fallen 68% in two days. In January 2012, it fell 36% in one day, and in March 2013, it fell more than 33% in five days. All of these have plummeted at less than $100 in the period of bitcoin transaction price, some investors after a few months or even years to recover from losses -- but because investors bitcoin lost confidence, long-term holders can still get a huge return. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 比特币动荡历史再次重演:暴跌后又反弹40%
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