Do not read Wang Shi 200 thousand elite schools, can not teach good children?

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original title: do not read Wang Shi 200 thousand elite schools, can not teach good children?

always has a group of people, often through the screen

really envied the "children of other people"

then, again, is not a family's parents have money.

is not really!

what should parents look like behind that good child?

1, parents are children's best angel investor

- every step of the child's growth with our


pays attention to the language of enlightenment, Wang Shiling English explaining the math problem, let the adults are strange enough.

because of the cultivation of art aesthetic, the Christmas poster designed by Wang Shi Ling is selected by the aristocratic school, and has a happy Christmas with a sense of achievement and happiness.

can be seen, the parents' efforts are accompanied by every step of the child's growth.

but there is always a group of people, often through the screen, see the opera bone, the stars really envy others be clever and sensible, "the children of the family". Then, again, is not rich and rich.

is not really!

what should parents look like behind that good child?

- good parents have to pay a lot of money? Wrong!

rich and excellent parents, children spend more and more outstanding!

otherwise, why are there some local tyrants, poor education children? We will also hear the child being complained: "you don't know how to learn to spend so much money!"

so, our parents in our ordinary family, doesn't have to worry about . Which has no intention, no pay, easy to grow, easily excellent children?

we can see that she used paper and brush, and there is no difference between what many children, Ma Liang is not the hands of the pen".

contrasts the posters with her previous paintings. Obviously, if she does not work hard, not to insist, more money can not make up the present painting work!

but this society does have an unfair side, and we can't get rich overnight to keep up with the physical rhythm of families with super economic power.

but family education is more important than money. Money is only one of the means to add to the children's growth.

therefore, it doesn't have to be depressed.

do the following 4 points, we can also to give children the ability to become better! Any intentions of parents can come in handy!

two, children's complete personality helps to grow

sound personality is the foundation for children to grow up!

human psychology tells us that everyone has the recognized needs, and the affirmative people show more enthusiasm than ordinary people, which helps to cultivate personal confidence.

, influenced by traditional ideas, it is difficult for Chinese parents to communicate equally with their children.

remember where daddy is going. Only 3 years old, Wang Shiling, after the other kids thanked grandpa and said goodbye, she took grandpa's hand, "Grandpa, you are good at home."

she said it naturally, not only politeness, but also great social ability, shocked countless netizens, circle a lot of powder.

the reason is very simple, the formation of children's character is not easy, we should not only use language to educate the children, but also to influence the children by action.

in children's growth, what we really need to do is not to have children to be somebody, but to tell the child: ", if you want to be the person you want to be, what kind of quality do you need to develop? "

three, if the child is in love with reading, first falls in love with reading.

do not let the child be at the age of reading, only to know to play the glory of the king!

then why should we stick with the children to read and let the children fall in love with reading?

wants children to love reading, the simplest way is to let yourself fall in love with reading.

, if we read ourselves, we won't be able to see how many pages I have to read today. What I must learn today will be immersed in it, and even persistence will become a natural thing.

is like we love the handset, but never know how many articles we have been brushed a day and how many times we have been brushing the circle of friends.

replies to the "picture book" in the public dialog box and gets the list of picture books for the 0-6 year old.

When we read together with

, we feel the characters, feel the situation of the story, feel the joys and sorrows of the story, speak out with their feelings and emotions.

From: 难道念不了王诗龄20万的贵族学校,教不出出色的孩子吗?
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