Ernst: in 2017 25 companies in the United States listed the number of IPO increased 178%

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original title: Ernst: in 2017 25 enterprises in the United States listed the number of 178%

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new net Shanghai 27 December, (reporter Jiang Yu) Ernst & Young 27 released a report that in 2017, a total of 25 Chinese enterprises went to the United States (IPO), the amount of financing was 4 billion dollars, the number of IPO and the amount of financing increased by 178% and 83%, respectively.


2017, there were 174 IPO and $39 billion 500 million in the US market, which increased by 84% and 55% respectively in 2016. For the companies listed in the US, Ernst audit services partner Tang Zhehui said: "with the continuation of the bull market stocks, 2017 China companies to the United States market rises again. Takes stock index is more than 30 by the end of 2016, rose 64%, Alibaba and Baidu shares in stock price hit a record high, China companies listed on the United States to usher in a relatively good window period, a considerable number of enterprises Chinese is preparing the United States IPO, the United States listed the climax in 2018 is expected to continue".

Tang Zhehui said that the IPO enterprises in China went from the social networking media companies in the 2011 to the comprehensive e-commerce platform in 2014, and then to the education and Internet financial services in 2017, reflecting the development trend of China's new economy.

from the global market, the report said that in 2017, the total amount of 1624 IPO in the world was 188 billion 800 million yuan, which increased by 49% and 40% compared to the same period in terms of volume and amount of financing.

In the

A stock market, the report estimated that there were 436 IPO in the A share market in 2017, with a total financing of 230 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 92% and 53% compared with the same period in 2016, respectively.

Wang Yang, a partner at

's audit service, said: "under the drive of small and medium enterprises, the number of A shares listed in the stock market has created a new high. In 2017 A A-share market IPO number for the first time in 400 cases, more than 347 in 2010 highs; but due to lack of funding during the year more than 5 billion yuan of large shares, mainly in the 1 billion yuan the following small and medium enterprises, so the amount raised in 2017 is only 47% in 2010."


report pointed out that Hongkong's stock market performance has been improving in 2017, and the Hang Seng Index has outperformed the global stock market, thanks to the overall performance of the emerging economies, and the promotion of the Shanghai and Shenzhen banking funds and overseas funds. Driven by the active listing of small and medium-sized enterprises, the number of new shares listed in Hongkong has set a new high.

Liu Guohua,

Ernst's audit service partner, said: "similarly, Hongkong's market share is expected to rise by 37% over the past 160 years in 2017. The number of listed companies has reached a record high, and IPO has reached 80. The total funding for 2017, including the motherboard and the gem, is expected to be HK $128 billion 200 million, a year-on-year decline of 34%. "

Author: Jiang Yu return to the Sohu, look at more


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