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original title: This is not a joke, the Christmas lights will expose your social class


Author: Yan temple

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red orange yellow green indigo purple ... class taste can not be lost, this year's Christmas lights to pick up

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it's not a joke,

Christmas lights will expose your social class

11 month, I had to give a seminar to undergraduates. One of the required articles was about the decorating Christmas lights outside residential houses. Before this lesson, had never thought of the choice of the color of Christmas lights. There were so many ways. Behind that, there was a very important concept in social science -- class . so take this opportunity to talk about Christmas lights display and class in Britain.

the most important holiday of the year of the Westerners - Christmas is coming. In fact, it's not accurate enough, because in England, Christmas began in October, especially for businesses who prepare Christmas series products three months in advance, or take this as a source of discount. The status of Christmas can be seen from this.

country is chasing the trend for Christmas, most people naturally not for religious reasons to celebrate, but catch a festive atmosphere to relax, send gifts to each other to express emotions; major businesses also have a good chance to promote and attract popularity. In the past we may pay more attention to the origin of Christmas or those things boxing day shopping, but have you noticed that Christmas lights?

both at home and abroad, many shopping malls will be very occasional put a Christmas tree on the first floor, hanging on a variety of decorative and beautiful Christmas lights, see the colorful lights twinkling in the cold night, nature will give people a warm feeling.

since more than 20 years ago, outside the house hanging Christmas lights gradually became a British family tradition, some also specifically to buy various shapes such as lighting, Santa, reindeer, Christmas tree and so on; but some will be very simple, just a small circle hanging Christmas lights on the porch on.

in addition to the shape and number of lights, there is also a very noteworthy point: color.

middle class antipathy

the choice of Christmas lights hanging outside the home house hints to some extent the class and taste of the dweller. Moderate chic white and blue lights usually shine in the middle class community, while brighter and brighter lights are commonly seen in the working-class residential areas.

2 years after the results came out, the class is divided into 7 categories, respectively (average income and housing value units are currently pound, pound against the RMB exchange rate is about 8.9): Elite (89000 / 325000), established the middle class (47000 / 177000), technology the middle class type (38000 / 163000), new workers (moderate / 129000), the traditional working class (13000 / 127000), the emerging service sectors (21000 / housing), the (8000 / rental). Then the broad middle class mentioned above refers to the second, third categories, and the four to six categories are the so-called working class.

Saul and Millington Eden's study found that a large proportion of many of the Christmas lights the news under the negative comments, criticism of the fancy lamp and its owner. they also have a stereotyped impression on those who decorate the lights, and give a degrading call to'chavs', usually a popular uneducated person.

many in the media to express this aversion to imagine these suspension lighting area filled with a riot of colours and other vulgar annoying people, such as antisocial youth, youth gangs, drug addicts, single mothers, refugees, people living on welfare. Many comments reflect the regional distribution of their own imagination.

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