I wear the broad legs and pants, and the handsome enemy has double hit me 666

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original title: I wear the broad leg pants so collocation, handsome to the enemy to double click 666

for me

before Coca-Cola ads, often by a tight jeans lining muscles the metrosexual man drinking coke, the elements of American culture also affects the world standard for most people's pants. When I was in high school a semester to save money to buy a pair of CK jeans, in order to pursue the skinny, I deliberately chose a panty...... .

when I walk in the street, I can clearly hear someone calling, "this is too thin". At that time, I was filled with joy. Even when I was praised by others, I said, "well," the heart has exploded. But for no reason, at college I fell in love with the unrestrained, tight feeling of some tight jeans. By chance, I got a black satin wide leg pants, silky texture that is, a breeze blowing, gently brushed my hair, it feels very comfortable. Then I began to search for these "loose" large fashion lists and indulge in other people's Amway.

maybe in your mind "code" is such a you

or you

but in fact, "code" generally refers to some loose style and make snap clipping, won't be hemp the general sense of style. For example, in 40s of last century, women began to get rid of the abnormal aesthetic products of girdle waist, and the large outline clothing was also popular at the moment. Even in later sci-fi movies, the big outline even became the standard of high intelligence alien.

in 1980s, the tight pants finally have a strong enemy, the broad leg of pants quietly occupied the most part of the T. The broad leg pants also opened the Chinese market and began to become popular. In 80s, the wide leg pants you must have the impression that it is labeled "waist" and "bell" and "treason and" disco "such as a public label.

in recent years, probably because of the social shakes of small legs and ridicule, broad leg pants have returned to the public view and come to a fashion cycle. But today, of course, it's not just the broad leg pants that girls wear. Return wide leg pants but also thanks to Giorgio Armani, in the era of a farewell 2016 spring and summer series, Giorgio Armani said: "I can be free for clothing, the demand is also worthy of attention, clothing should be gently body and not like a sculpture like suffocation". In the later series, you can see that the shoulders and waist lines of the suit are loosening gradually, and the legs and trousers are wider and wider. The cutting and free flowing version of the suit will push the new aesthetics of this era again.

, you may not know that gentlemen are not always dressed in self-made suits and dresses. They sometimes wear a fat pants at will. After all, people with long legged legs don't always need tight pants to foil. However, the gentlemen of the wide leg pants also been tailored, even if they are not random, double breasted jacket with a bell. And now, the broad leg pants are not limited to suit pants, and camouflage, cowboy, khaki, suit, and clothing are all very popular.

if your legs are not long enough, the broad leg pants will make your legs look shorter. The simplest way is to raise the waist line and elongate the proportions of the legs visually.

want Oversize to wear well, the upper body of course should also be careful.

Cerruti Oversize LV camel wearing a cashmere coat draped in a suit outside, elegant, with (but must pay attention to the color saturation, don't take the dark brown and black collocation together, or just a high school of painting art students would laugh at you).

like VETEMENTS button button on the heavy rain will make your torso look swell, but this is just right, plus a wide leg pants is superfluous, will make you look like a break dancer. Of course, it doesn't matter if you unbutton a button or a coat.

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