What did Fan Bingbing and Yang Mi do in order not to wash their heads... (cover the face)

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original title: in order to not wash the head, Fan Bingbing and Yang Mi did something... (cover the face)

> yesterday, sister if found two interesting hot searches on micro-blog.

> is not a star's daily three - ad, derailment, to tear up X, but two groups of very earnest self portraits.

Fan Bingbing launched an explosive perm in order to go out quickly, can be said to be a delicate boy and girl on the road, the stars are really broken heart.

every time we see these topics, if elder sister feels that after selling the sprouting duet, this is actually a time management topic, testing everyone's attitude towards life and intentions.

How can you use a limited time, sleep more, work well, and be able to do beautifully and delicately at the same time?

> more than a star, it's a lot of trouble in ordinary people's life.

get up in the morning and go out and say, ~

if sister remembered that she just worked there. She would get up every morning just like a war, all kinds of hairs, no hair drying and lipstick smear. It was hard to find the coat that I wanted to wear, and I couldn't find the matching pants.

the most care of dinner with others at night is, do not eat too late, or go home and do not have time to bathe and skin care.

it is very late to take a bath or not to wash the head.

it's very happy to be able to sleep in bed for more than a minute in the morning. But in order to the United States and the United States to go out, not one hour to get up early, basic game.

if you are also a girl who is pursuing a fine life, believe at this moment you're nod crazy about the phone screen, ~

"after years of hustle, if sister himself summed up a set of" morning time-saving, quick trip "experience. I would like to share with you on this topic today (welcome).

first, before solving this, if asked himself:

, "which thing or what is the most important thing that takes up my morning time?"

the answer is: > to get clothes, skin care and hair.

to second, and we define a concept, time management is not equal to do things carelessly. Just grab a morning dress, with some known overnight skin care products this is not if sister do things carelessly, advocate.

if's solution is, "plan", also can be said to be time management.

most people do time management in their work and learning, such as what items to be completed this week, and how many words to memorize.

After clarified this point,


problem a

don't know what to wear?

many girls obviously a wardrobe, go out every day or covered with confusion, dressed and dress, shoes and coat color and conflict, the fundamental problem is not a "".

and then covered with confusion before going out to collocation, sister suggest that you can plan ahead

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