Absolute conscience! This is a textbook type of sea cucumber blisters to ensure success

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original title: absolute conscience! This is a textbook type of sea cucumber blisters, ensuring the success of

buy sea cucumber, water temperature control is not good, bubble out of the sea cucumber peeling off into the mother can't recognize! Universal kitchen line, for "fragile" sea cucumber!


dry sea cucumber.....3 only

pure water... Right amount of


1. dry sea cucumber 3 into a clean stainless steel bowl, pour pure water to the full seven DEG C into the 0-5 refrigerator for 24-32 hours, every 8-12 hours for a water, sea cucumber soaked until no lumps (note that global sea cucumber must use pure water, avoid the whole oil, to avoid deterioration of sea cucumber oh)

2. soaked sea cucumber longitudinal cut open the abdomen, spit and teeth removal

3. cuts a few knives on a white tendon with a knife (which is good for the sea cucumber) and then rinses the


4. stainless steel pot into the pure water to seven points full, put the processed sea cucumbers, cover the lid, boil the fire and turn it on for 35-50 minutes, then simmer until cooled. After cooking, the state of sea cucumber should be easy to pierce with a chopstick)

5. fish out sea cucumbers in ice water, put in the refrigerator at 0-5 degrees centigrade for 24-32 hours and change ice water every 8-12 hours,

6. take out sea cucumber and drain it. It can be used for cooking (sea cucumber preservation: the sea cucumbers can be wrapped in fresh-keeping film, wrapped in fridge, frozen in storage, and cooled with boiling water)

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From: 绝对良心!这是一期教科书式的海参泡发攻略,保证成功
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