What are the marketing secrets of Corona with young and high-end?

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original title: young + high-end, what are the "provocative" marketing secrets of Corona?

Disney animated film "dream ring travels" (CoCo) can be said to be the most this year provoked tears and bursting point of the film. For a time, the riotous Mexico paper-cut, the strange natural landscape, the moving stray music, the gorgeous traditional costume... The splendid Mexico culture has entered the vision of the Chinese people.

world sales of the first beer of Mexico , the world's sixth most valuable brands of beer, figure more than 180 countries around the world.

Corona with refreshing taste and bright color. It perfectly interprets fashion and romance, and also has a distinctive brand positioning. It advocates the spirit of the brand - "This is Living" (for the moment), hope that the people in the sunset, regain comfortable, feel the life, Find Your Beach (find your free time).

as a member of Budweiser InBev's super high-end beer combination, Corona beer has attracted many young consumer groups in recent years. Behind the brand and sales growth, which is > 16px; "

pin tips?


e-commerce marketing for sales and word of mouth beating CALL

"at this moment" and "zhuiri Island Tour" and "beautiful summer ten three wave of gimmicks consumer interactive experience, to attract consumers to online consumption at the same time, also hope that consumers enjoy the online Corona unique experience".

these marketing activities by sunshine, beaches, islands and other elements of Lorna beer can bring a sense of ease. In the last year, double 11, Crownline together with Tmall's flagship store opened a wine sea story of "buy comfortable" sea shopping channel , Tang Yixin and Aarif Lee led a group of KOL through the live lead consumers experience will send in the activities of the island tour, more ready a different island tour essential tool, attract and arouse the attention and the desire to buy.


line, Corona connects world

with music

in addition to playing in the electronic business platform is colorful, Corona beer more know how to use the elements of music through the creative in leaching Festival line experience, to close to the young consumer groups the way to show the brand stereo scene. From the city to the snow mountain and then to the island, Corona creates a new experience mode for consumers, bringing them into a comfortable and passionate life, and experiencing what is the real From: 年轻化+高端化,科罗娜有哪些“撩人”的营销秘诀?
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