Zhang Yuxi is wearing a gown dress for the brand, net friend: it seems that the fashion field is her best

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original title: Zhang Yuxi wore high gown dress for the brand show, netizens: the fashion field is still her best


said Chinese net red, and a snake face, PS do not belittle, here Chinese net red, but in our network for Red original cognition, that is.


but as far as I am concerned, although now on the Internet, net red accounted for more than half of the crowd, but if a red net you can not only rely on hyaluronic acid or a silly white sweet way to earn money, as it has been on the Red Net sniff at I, very honored.

, for example, you see Zhang Yuxi as one of the successful examples of a successful transition from a net red to an actor.

she is today, in addition to start network red identity, is also available as a shop owner and actor, not to mention the shop owner, said the first actor, she is among the few red net model of success.

recently, she was wearing a couture brand show, profile design simple pure white skirt bra a gray white ink flowers, half exposed shoulders, as if from ink painting out of the classical aesthetic picturesque woman.

as the T stage of the novice, Zhang Yuxi did not stage fright, showing a perfect visual feast for the audience dream.

, besides that, we have just said that Zhang Yuxi herself is also the owner of the online shop. When she came out from the net, it was the first impression that we would wear to everyone. Now let's have a look together.


mother recently popular outfit, as a walk in the tide of the Zhang Yuxi not Miss Black hoodies leather skirt collocation, handsome and many women sexy charm.

this girdle of grinding goblins, such as Zhang Yuxi A4 for the waist is simply pull hate! The plaid suit, create and disappear, highlight the slim waist, he did not forget to show up long legs.

is a final tannin styel different shades of the same color, color collocation, make the body full of the sense, roll up trousers is more casual, but in winter, I suggest you cautious barelegged...

finally, what are you thinking about Zhang Yuxi, who is now a successful transition actor from the net red? Please leave a message and tell me!

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From: 张予曦穿高定礼服为品牌走秀,网友:看来时尚领域还是她最拿手的
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