The success of watching the avant-garde League will redefine the e-sports

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comes from VentureBeat, the author KEN UNGAR

KEN UNGAR is the founder and President of a sports marketing agency, which has a department that specializes in electronic sports.

For more than

years, electronic sports have been growing barbarous. It's like a wild west of a war, a sponsor, and a game producer. People buy, play, talk about their games, and they are satisfied with their profits. However, with the continuing explosion of e-sports, game makers are trying to make some rules to gain more benefits.

Blizzard Entertainment company set up the watch avantgarde League is a good example. By full control of its intellectual property rights and the right to get one seat in the league, Blizzard made its own rules in the confusion. The game company showed its strength as early as August. For example, when he joined the vanguard League, the Dallas fuel team changed its famous "EnVyus" name to the form of "City + name".


of this power is a good thing for the gaming industry, but the layman may be difficult to understand. For many people in the gaming industry, such a change could let them eat some losses, but set a reasonable structure for the gaming industry, will contribute to its vigorous development in the future.

then, transfer the power of what is the impact on the game makers, the league, teams, players, fans and sponsors occupation?

for game maker

has no doubt that if the league has been successful, the game maker will be the biggest winner. This is why I say that this is a key to the transformation of the electric industry. After having intellectual property rights, manufacturers will be able to identify an agreed rule between themselves and independent League and investors, as well as keep control of broadcasting rights, so as to develop their game brand. Even if there was a little problem in the middle of the OWL, they had enough money to run it until it was out of trouble.

manufacturers have realized that the real influence is in the game. A few years ago, manufacturers might be very happy to delegate the organization and promotion of activities to third parties, such as MLG or ESL. With the success of LOL and the success of the new business model represented by Blizzard OWL, the manufacturer will continue to play a leading role in the field of E-sports.

for the independent League

's new model of E-sports is to turn control into the manufacturer's hands. The initiator of the independent League will have to find a new way to create value for stakeholders. Meanwhile, manufacturers will require the League to provide excellent leadership and profit potential. They must understand that the war team and the professional players have to have a good chance of making money.

To develop the

League, it is necessary to create brand value at the fan level and create a lucrative ecosystem. Give two examples of traditional sports. Anyone can create a professional football league, but no one can have the intellectual property of the football game. However, NFL represents a strong brand value in the eyes of the fans, and the competition is of great value in the NFL. Therefore, it enjoys an unparalleled position. Look at XFL, which tries to rival NFL, but it lasted for one season in 2001.

NASCAR has created an ecosystem that will thrive financially for teams, racing drivers, television stations and sponsors. One can easily build a racing team, but no one can copy the success of NASCAR.

as long as the independent league can create such a value, they will be able to flourish. If not, the League will be all game makers in the near future.

about the war team and the professional

in some aspects, the producers and the League may have a strong influence. But the fact is that not many people support a match itself. Anyone who participates in sports knows that fans will not support the game and they will cheer for the team and the players. This gives the team and the players and the League a huge bargaining power, which helps to balance the two sides.

's final question will be how much influence the team and the contestants will attract and how much it will create. It's a very important thing to build them into a brand.

about the sponsor

now the small sponsors will find that the current situation is confusing and difficult to understand. This brings an advantage to the truly understood person. Most people don't know where to put their money, even if they know they want the audience of the gaming industry.


sponsors such as HP and Intel have already invested in OWL, and then there will be more small brands of money.

hopes to see more brands stand on the heels of the league.

about vermicelli

Expect the existing

eSports model to the fans is very sensitive. In the majority

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