LOL remember why single? RNG wind to tell you why.

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original title: LOL remember why single? RNG wind to tell you why.

Remember the

LPL commentary really is to make people laugh. "!

12 24, when everyone passed the night of peace, I remember coming to a wave of soul chicken soup. But how does this chicken soup look like the RNG team coach,


see remember "not according to the logic, the author once suspected, bold but cautious" remember this is the wind and the brother of trouble? Forced to ridicule the wind elder brother? However, after seeing the reply from the wind, the author is also relieved. Well, remember the students, the way of speaking is to change the


Feng:. No wonder you are single


remember the idea of "I still like you" to come to a beautiful sentence, but the sentence is made, it is really a bit embarrassing. And the wind brother's reply is also a needle to see. I don't know what to feel after you remember to see it. I'm afraid it's not a cool expression for the wind.

remember the big brother, you can have a lot of dessert. This time even the wind brother can not help jumping out "hammer" you, the next time you really need to pay attention to!

fans saw fan's reply and laughed very well, saying "6"

usually looks very stable, occasionally a wave of slots, also really hit the key! The slots of the wind are the most deadly! return to the Sohu, see more


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