Do you have these puzzles about big educational data?

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original title: do you have these puzzles about big educational data?

McKinsey in 2011 released "big data: the next frontier: it is pointed out that innovation, competition and productivity", the data has penetrated into every field of industries and business functions, gradually become an important factor of production.

2012, the Obama administration announced that it invested 200 million US dollars to promote the development of big data related industries, and increased the "big data strategy" to the national strategy. The Obama administration even defines big data as "the new oil in the future."

in the field of education, Yale University, Harvard University, Stanford University and other world-famous universities have launched the educational big data related research plan.

big data is a lot of data?

is not a lot of data simply added together to be called large data. Large data is actually a concept relative to small data, which has the characteristics of intersecting, fusion, fluidity and cross domain.

big data in the field of education should also have the following three features:

  1. data is collected from students, teachers and parents, (Multi-informants)

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  3. data is collected by a variety of scientific means (Multi-methods)

  4. data is not limited to a certain level, but involves multiple levels (Multi-dimensions)

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someone compares data to a coal mine that contains energy. According to the nature of coal with coking coal, fat coal, lean coal and anthracite, classification, and opencast coal mine coal mine mining cost, the mountains are not the same. Similar to this, big data is not "big", but "useful". The value content and the cost of mining are more important than the quantity.

What are the applications of

large data in the field of education?

we may start from the user point of view, according to different levels of needs, we can see that big data is mainly luminous in the following three aspects -- heating,

  1. adaptable teaching: the most common adaptive teaching system comes from the online learning field. In various learning management systems and online learning platforms, the learners' learning process can be fully recorded.

  2. found: in the driving of big data, education research, there will be a different situation, through the analysis of large data mining, education, researchers can quantify the learning process, characterization of learning state, found the influence factors, find the intervention strategies, reveal the law of education from a deeper level.

  3. precise management support: through systematic data collection, data model established by scientific method, continuous dynamic monitoring and comprehensive evaluation of schools and institutions of education management can help managers.

as for specific applications, such as in New York, there is a school named Mary West (Marist College), its cooperation with the commercial data analysis firms Pentaho launched the open academic analysis program (The Open Academic Analytics Initiative). the plan based on Pentaho open source business analysis platform (Business Analytics Platform) an analytic model is developed, through the collection and analysis of students' learning habits -- for example, click online reading materials, whether to speak in online forums

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