The six big "gossip" on the Sichuan and Tibet line, which hit yaks for tens of thousands?

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The history of

Sichuan Tibet line is the ancient tea horse road, and the modern Sichuan Tibet highway, which is one of the most arduous roads in the history of China's road construction. In recent years, the self driving Sichuan Tibet line has become the dream of many people. But the gossip on Sichuan Tibet line has stopped the footsteps of self driving friends, all the reasons are derived from those "heard".

heard that the price of the Sichuan Tibet line is very high!

we say that there are many determinants of prices in a place, such as origin, labor, storage costs, transportation costs, and so on. So different places of the same thing when there is difference between the selling price. For example, the tourist attractions are very expensive, which we all know, but most people think they are the pricing of sellers or scenic spots. In fact, besides some pits, the scenic spots and sellers, we also need to understand the logistics cost of others.

The price of

Sichuan Tibet line is both low and middle high, but the high price is not very high, and the price is almost the same with that of the mainland. Meals and accommodation along the way are quite cheap. Unless there are landslides in some places, the prices will be higher when the roads are blocked.

heard two: the accommodation of the Sichuan Tibet line is very poor.

said the accommodation, often driving buddy knows, accommodation conditions and geographical environment are linked together, the Sichuan Tibet line accommodation and the mainland almost, different grades and different price, if you go out in season when booking in advance, it could not find accommodation, found there is no way to choose.

heard three: Sichuan Tibet line has many children hailed the money?

has indeed existed in the past few years, but it is now basically no longer, and the local government is now paying much attention to the problem. If you come across a child begging on the road, it's usually just a snack.

heard four: is it difficult to fuel oil on the Sichuan Tibet line?

many drivers who are self driving are afraid that they can't get oil on Sichuan Tibet line. In fact, they don't have to worry about that. There are more petrol stations along the Sichuan Tibet line, and the amount of oil is also very sufficient. Only 95 (original 97) oil is not available in many places. If you meet the gas station with No. 95 (No. 97) oil along the way, be sure to fill it up again.

heard five: kill a Yak on the Sichuan Tibet line to lose tens of thousands of yaks?

many people may have heard of Tibet, accidentally killed by Tibetan people in the yak, need to compensate, but did not say to pay such a large number of tens of thousands of good, are generally in accordance with the market price to pay the yak, the injured may lose one thousand or two thousand dead may lose between 5000 and 10000. The yak that hit someone else's home, can't you run away?

heard six: is the collection of Tibetan cattle and sheep charged by the Sichuan Tibet line?


, a lot of photography loving friends like to go to the Tibetan area to get a view. Maybe there are some rude photographers. If you don't ask, you can directly use the lens to face the faces of Tibetan friends. Can you accept this "violent photography"? In fact, in the journey to capture the local cultural customs, this is a matter of nothing. As an important part of humanistic photography photography, showing the unique local style, custom and culture to more people, but whether it is also the most common photographer as a traveler, the fundamental purpose of humanistic photography is to show the humanistic care, if it becomes a kind of aggression and plunder, will lose its significance. Communication before the incident is not only to obtain the consent of the photographers, but also to understand the cultural connotation behind the photos. Obtaining license is the most basic respect of humanistic photography. Sitting and chatting may get more pictures and feelings behind photos, and inject more inspiration and depth into photography.

In addition to the collection of Tibetan mastiff and yak in the area near the scenic area,

is charged for the collection, and the other places are not charged and can be photographed after being asked.

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