The white ins wind's net red shop is greasy? May as well come to this Guangzhou net red store's ancestor hit the card!

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Photography: ah Jie / Editor: Lara

in the net red store everywhere in Guangzhou, the sex cold wind, small fresh breeze and so on are no longer unusual.

and store in the red net shop not so popular, already appeared in the old street Tong Qing Lu , a whole building is located on the side of the road, do not look at it is difficult to find its existence.

turn around to see its storefront, and you will find it a special shop on the old street, which will make you unable to push the door in.

and then bump into a a shop that looks like the times, but is inexplicable to feel the warmth of the .

many many years ago, you are not also imagined to open a shop like this, let as you grow small items filled every corner, then stay here simply to live from day to day ~

" at the end of the welfare Oh!


without meow

"meow" series with small inn has 3 A, there is a lot of cat theme shop, a bakery is designed to do, another is the celebration road retro coffee shop.

Laozhai hidden in the street cafe, miles and it is almost impossible to find the same paragraph, the shop is full of some of the retro elements , old predecessor .

15 "Guangzhou daily , a report on this store, witnessed its special.

this vintage store no room cat can roll, only one floor of the cat cage lived 3 kittens, you can take advantage of when they are asleep, to touch it ~

see here is the most you can evoke many memories of the books, there is a bookshelf wall 2 floor, 8090 times with some books, a book cover, will remind you of those in the classroom reading novels.

these books, some of them are bosses themselves, some of them are friends, and now they are all stacked up here to become the best view in the store.


Linda everywhere small items

, kerosene lamp, old-fashioned TV and typewriter. It's all some old living things.

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