The spring festival air ticket is expensive, but how do you buy the most cost-effective people?

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2017 of the progress bar only 2%, the 2018 Spring Festival is also less than two months, surprise, is not unexpected?

at this time of the past, everyone thought of going home for the reunion of the Chinese New Year. The most important thing to remember was to fight for the train tickets for the spring transportation.

today, the working pressure like young people, the Spring Festival holiday travel time is rare, but also the way to escape from the "new three" three kinds of nuns - how much? Salary? Men / girlfriends?

, but the problem has happened again. During the Spring Festival, the tickets for the hot cities are hard to get, or the ticket is too expensive to exceed the budget. The price of Shanghai flying to Hokkaido can almost buy a business class ticket to the US.

so, how can we buy a low price ticket during the Spring Festival? Today, the king took the boats to the bottom of the knowledge, tell your to buy all kinds of premium ticket secret !

during the Spring FestivalHow does

buy a relatively cheap ticket

often hears the voice before holidays: "is there a cheap ticket for the National Day?" Where is the ticket cheap to go to the Spring Festival? "If you begin to pay attention in the first half of the year, or meet the double 11 festivals, it is still very promising to buy a special ticket.

but for most people, for half a year in advance is not reality, and now this time node, want to buy tickets during the Spring Festival, has not too friendly price, but if you can accept is slightly more expensive than the off-season, so it is suitable for you to read.

strategy 1: in the hot time, select the cold destination

again give everyone a prevention needle, holiday travel costs, and how cheap it must be more expensive than the off-season. When you want to get a cheap ticket at this time, one of the tips is that chooses the destination for the cold door.

Spring Festival trip, you choose the destination of this few:

1k+ can buy a round-trip ticket in Southeast Asia , which can soar to 4k+ before and after the Spring Festival;

Japan Hokkaido + hot springs ski, as a kind of irresistible magic, no matter how expensive is looted the rhythm;

New Zealand, Australian , and summer in the southern hemisphere are also very popular with family trips;

Nordic see the aurora, the usual ticket already expensive enough, the Spring Festival is the only rise not to fall......

These hot destinations above

can basically be abandoned. So what kind of destinations are there, fun and not expensive?

- South Korea

because of the relationship between China and South Korea, this year Han Guozhen's calculation is very cold. You checked the boats during the Spring Festival of Shanghai non-stop flights to Jeju Island, whether it is new year's Eve, two days of the Lunar New Year's day, and prices are hovering in 2k+, perfect coverage of the Spring Festival holiday. Plus Jeju Island visa , winter snow Hallasan are super beauty, want to ski babies also need not only for Hokkaido.

The Russian

wants to see a dream in the aurora to Sahuan white in a world of ice and snow? Without going to North Europe, Russia is absolutely the most affordable choice! During the Spring Festival, Beijing, three thousand and five hundred ticket can accept, Shanghai can buy a 4K 5K ticket is very cost-effective, after all, in the winter to fly to Harbin, Changbai Mountain more than 3000 dollars to do!

short, spring festival ticket prices are generally relatively large, Sentosa, Japan and Taiwan traditional near a popular tourist destination, if you want to dig into the cheap tickets before the Spring Festival, remember to try to start from the most unpopular oh ~

attack 2: do not have to start at the local airport,

in the case of a good destination, to change the starting point of the ticket, maybe the surprise of the surprise .

to lift a chestnut, fly from Shanghai to Japan is very convenient, the ticket is also cheaper than the other areas. The partners in Hangzhou, Nanjing or the surrounding area have chosen to take off from Shanghai and save a lot of money.

, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong and other places, as an island to Southeast Asia.

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