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original title: accessories | winter In beret, the 4 most worth buying!

elegant Beret

autumn winter best chic artifact ~~


Beret is a very magical accessories, from the most feminine in dress skirt to the rock leather jacket and shabby jeans, it can show a kind of charm.

20 years ago, "the main female sex and the city" is wearing a beret, she will play very wear red dress collocation with a beret, very charming.

model Kate early moss magazine pictures wearing Beret appearance.

and now, back to the Beret in fashion circles, has become the most in accessories in this winter. Mizuhara Kiko is wearing a yellow beret, lively and playful is also very fashionable.

since Berets such a fire, we come to see what color the most worth buying.

Black Beret

for the first time wearing a beret girl, black is not wrong, not only all-match, but also to grab the limelight without clothing. We

black beret and hale jacket collocation, showing a casual uninhibited modern girl image, a black is also very cool. We

If woolen black Berets are a bit ordinary, you can choose a leather beret, with a cool sense of grace. We

cortex beret and cowboy collocation, can be said to be full of whims. We

adding some pearls is more exquisite and interesting. We

Red Beret is also very worthy of the simple style, casual collocation is very high, red skin color is also very significant. We

red beret and retro pattern sweater is collocation, bring fresh cute Vintage Girl. We

red beret and red coat collocation, very rosy suction eye. We

Beret is pondering excellent balance of man accessories Niang, collocation suit, can wear lively fashion sense. We

to go high sense line, you can choose a beige beret, full

From: 配饰 | 秋冬最In贝雷帽,这4款最值得买!
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